New manga, 2chan demystified, omake

Katherine Dacey has posted another Weekly Recon, with this week’s new manga and her recommendations, at PopCultureShock.

Can’t tell 2chan from 4chan? Wired explains it all to you and talks to Patrick Macias as well about American otaku. (Via Patrick’s blog.)

Salimbol posts some Fullmetal Alchemist omake and some mangaka self-portraits.

Want to hear yet another expert explain the appeal of yaoi? Here you go. This one actually delves into the social implications of yaoi fandom, which makes it more substantial than most.

At Aint It Cool News, Scott Green posts a review of Harvey and Etsuko’s Manga Guide to Japan that also delves into some of creator Mimei Sakamoto’s more controversial comments. (Via Female Comic Book Superheroes, via When Fangirls Attack.)

Fanime is this weekend, and’s Deb Aoki runs through the high points, including appearances by My Dearest Devil Princess manga-ka Maika Netsu and uber-editor Carl Horn.

Casey Brienza, a.k.a. Kethylia, will be presenting an academic paper on manga at the 6th Annual Conference on the Book in October.

News from Japan: More like rumors from Japan, really: ANN cites a Mainichi Shimbun article claiming that the publisher Shogakukan is considering shutting down Weekly Young Sunday, the magazine that was home to One Pound Gospel. The seinen magazine had a circulation of 202,541 last year, respectable by U.S. standards but not so much in Japan, where similar magazines have circs of close to 1 million. ANN also reports that Gen Urobuchi will write the light novel adaptation of the Black Lagoon manga. And Hello Kitty is Japan’s new tourism ambassador to China, joining fellow feline Doraemon in the cartoon cultural attache corps.

Reviews: Johanna Draper Carlson finds that she doesn’t like vol. 2 of Hell Girl any more than she liked vol. 1, at Comics Worth Reading. At Comics-and-More, Dave Ferraro finds vol. 1 of The Moon and Sandals to be a fun, light read that is definitely worth checking out. Erica Friedman checks out an untranslated yuri manga, vol. 3 of Aoi Hana, at Okazu. Active Anime’s reviews for the day: Scott Campbell on vol. 9 of Path of the Assassin, Margaret Veira on vol. 6 of Trinity Blood, and Holly Ellingwood on The Reformed and vol. 1 of S. Tiamat’s Disciple recently reached that moment we all dread: He ran out of manga to read in English. So he’s reviewing a slew of unlicensed titles: vols. 1-9 of History’s Strongest Disciple, vols. 1-7 of Cool Beauty Revenger Gekkoh, vols. 1-14 of Family Compo, vols. 1-2 of Arcana Soul, and vols. 1-15 of Angel Densetsu. He also picks up a licensed series, vols. 2-7 of Elemental Gelade. Lissa Pattillo reads a manga that I really enjoyed, vol. 1 of Off*Beat, at Kuri-ousity. Julie reviews vol. 1 of Dorothea at the Manga Maniac Cafe. Ferdinand finds nothing new about vol. 1 of Haruka at Prospero’s Manga. Briana Lawrence checks out vol. 1 of Don’t Blame Me and Danielle Van Gorder reviews vol. 2 of Fairy Tail at Anime on DVD. Kethylia enjoys vol. 22 of Berserk. Deb Aoki reviews vols. 1 and 2 of Aqua at Salimbol reviews vols. 6-9 of Saiyuki and vol 17 of Tsubasa at The Chocolate Mud Wyvern Presents.

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  1. You’ve no idea how sad it is to realise you have two rooms full of manga, and you’ve read them all hehe.

    I do still have some unread, such as DearS and a few others, but i’m waiting on the volumes i’m missing in those before i start to read them. I hate reading series with missing volumes, it’s so annoying.

    Also, i live in the hope that a publisher see’s reviews of unlicensed stuff and decides to take a gamble on some of them.