New titles and best-sellers

David Welsh looks over this week’s new manga at Precocious Curmudgeon and continues his look at Eisner nominees, including New Engineering, Tekkonkinkreet, and Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms, in his latest Flipped column.

Vol. 29 of Naruto checks in at number 48 on the USA Today best-seller list, down from #44 last week. Over at Comicsnob, Matt Blind posts the online sales rankings for last week.

Here’s a hopeful sign for DramaQueen fans: The company is sending out cease and desist notices to scanlators. Kuri-ousity has the scoop, along with the latest from their forums.

Translators Alethea and Athena Nibley write about grammar and word choices, and take a stand for “you and me,” in their latest Manga Life column. Park Cooper introduces Manga Bulletin, a regular news and comment column, with PR and snark on Tite Kubo, the Honey and Clover movie, and the latest Pokemon manga.

At the Icarus blog (always NSFW), Simon Jones lists the adult manga titles from the latest Previews.

Tite Kubo is coming to SDCC, and John Jakala is rearranging his life accordingly.

Same Hat guys links to scanlations of a series that is never going to be licensed, Shintaro Kago’s Dance! Kremlin Palace! Here’s the prologue and chapter 1. (Be warned, it’s NSFW.)

Patrick Macias takes a peek at a bit of Japanese culture that hasn’t really made it over here: Ojisan “kindly old uncle” magazines, featuring hot middle-aged men and the things they love (comfy clothes and soft food, apparently).

Hellish Kitty: Here’s a tattoo that combines Hello Kitty with Akira‘s Shotaro Kaneda. Click at your own risk! (I actually think it’s kind of cute.)

Reviews: Deb Aoki reviews vol. 1 of J-Pop Idol, which was the number one cell phone manga in Japan, at (which has a new, cleaner design—much more readable). At Active Anime, Scott Campbell reviews vol. 12 of Trigun Maximum, and Holly Ellingwood dives into a mixed bag of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, vol. 1 of A Strange and Mystifying Story, and A Love Song for the Miserable. James Hanrahan reviews vol. 1 of Dororo and vol. 1 of Dokkoida at Manga Life. Lissa Pattillo reviews vol. 1 of Satisfaction Guaranteed at Kuri-ousity. At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna Draper Carlson adds vol. 2 of Aria to her “Recommended” list. Sabrina checks out vol. 1 of Aqua at Comics Village. Isaac Hale gives vol. 5 of Barefoot Gen an A+ at PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon blog. Connie is biased in favor of vol. 12 of Skip Beat at Slightly Biased Manga. Kethylia wasn’t crazy about the Train Man light novel but thought the translation was good. Tangognat takes a look at vols. 1-7 at Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne. Erica Friedman checks out vol. 12 of Yuri Hime at Okazu. Carlo Santos picks up vol. 17 of Negima at ANN. Matthew Brady reviews the June Shojo Beat at Warren Peace Sings the Blues.

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