Tokyopop-free roundup

John Jakala lists his 25 favorite manga characters, and then he ruminates some more on what he likes about particular manga. Whoever is in charge of “pruning” series at Tokyopop might want to take a look.

In this week’s PWCW, Kai-Ming Cha interviews Yoshinori Natsume, creator of Togari and the new DC mini-series Batman: Death Mask.

Ed Chavez takes a look at manga in the June Previews and the whole team lists their picks from this week’s new manga at the MangaCast.

John Thomas discusses how a story can stay alive through mulitiple media at Mecha Mecha Media.

ANN has a rundown of recent new title announcements.

Here’s a profile of Filipina-Austrian manga creator Tara Starnegg.

At the Studio QT Bleargh, Susie looks at the other side of the coin: Chopping up manga to fit into the Kindle reader. Coincidentally, Japanator posts a shot of an iPhone with a full page of manga on it.

This writer seems to be a little bit confused:

The graphic novel and even more specifically, “Manga,” is derived from Japanese culture. The book starts at the back and reads forward, plus the pages read from right to left. A first-time reader could get confused, but with practice it is easily mastered.

But it’s hard to argue with this advice:

Because of this, I suggest readers buy “Manga” in bundles so they’re not tortured by the unfulfilled ending by reading just one.

Yes! Buy it by the truckload!

News from Japan: ANN has this week’s manga rankings; once again, Nana tops the list.

Reviews: Johanna Draper Carslon has a spoilery review of vol. 6 of Kitchen Princess at Comics Worth Reading. Micole takes a look at vol. 10 of Cantarella at coffeeandink. German blogger Invaeon reads vol. 1 of Purgatory Kabuki at Manly Manga and More. Danielle Van Gorder gives good markes to vol. 1 of J-Pop Idol and Sakura Eries enjoys vol. 11 of Yakitate!! Japan at Anime on DVD. Lissa Pattillo looks at two recent manhwa releases from Yen Press, vol. 5 of Chocolat and 11th Cat Special, at Kuri-ousity. Julie looks at vol. 2 of Metro Survive at the Manga Maniac Cafe. Ferdinand has a few choice words about vol. 1 of Fairy Cube at Prospero’s Manga. Emily, who has decided to start updating more often (yay!) takes a look at Himegimi no Tsukurikata at Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page. Scott Campbell reviews vol. 1 of Nightmare Inspector and Holly Ellingwood falls for Eternal Love at Active Anime. J. Caleb Mozzocco reviews Apollo’s Song, Mar, and Speed Racer: Mach Go Go Go at Every Day Is Like Wednesday (found via The Comics Reporter). Leroy Douresseaux checks out Haridama: Magic Cram School at The Comic Book Bin. Sakura Kiss reviews Say Please at The Yaoi Review. At PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon blog, Phil Guie reviews vols. 1-4 of Ikebukuro West Gate Park and Carlos Alexandre checks out vol. 1 of Rosario + Vampire. Casey Brienza is not impressed with vol. 1 of Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro at ANN, although she does like the scent of it. Ed Sizemore has an interesting review of vol. 2 of Sundome at Comics Worth Reading, in which he confesses to his own fascination with it even as he recommends other readers avoid it.

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