Creators call for Iris boycott

The Boys Next Door blog reports on trouble in the global BL front. For those who haven’t been following along at home, the small yaoi publisher Iris Print ran into serious financial difficulties earlier this year. For a while now, several creators have been complaining that owner Kellie Lynch was not only not paying them the royalties she owed them, she wasn’t sending them royalty statements or communicating in any way. Eventually she did send creator RW Day a check, which bounced. Now Day and Tina Anderson are calling for a boycott of Iris books. Tina:

So… I’m asking everyone – please do not support Iris Print by purchasing Only Words. Caroline Monaco and I aren’t making any money off this book, nor have we been contacted about the state of the books current sales figures.

And creator CB Potts questions the ethics of Yaoi Jamboree, which lists Iris Print as one of the dealers in the dealers’ room:

Also, WTF, Yaoi Jamboree? What are the con organizers thinking, allowing Kellie Lynch to sell Tina’s books (not to mention RW Day’s works!) as if she was a legitimate, viable publisher? In my opinion, by allowing this to happen, they are complicit in the defrauding of all of Iris’ authors.

Gia has a caveat:

There’s been no word from Lynch yet, and for all I know she could be planning to give all the proceeds from any sales directly to the authors. But if something like that was the case, it sure would be nice of her to, y’know, tell someone about it. Just sayin’.

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