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Tenshi ja NaiDavid Welsh fills in for a vacationing Matthew Brady and recommends some good shoujo stories at Warren Peace Sings the Blues.

John Jakala celebrates Father’s Day with a look at his favorite manga dads at Sporadic Sequential.

I was a guest on this last week’s Podtoid-San, the Japanator podcast, where I joined Gia, John Martone, Dick McVengeance, and God Len for a discussion of Tokyopop, office turn-ons, and a bunch of stuff I really didn’t understand. It was good fun, though, so check it out.

Last week a manga creator in Japan posted about being mistreated by the editors at the publishing house Shogakukan. Now Canned Dog rounds up a whole slew of creators piling on to complain about their editors.

Erica Friedman rounds up all the week’s yuri news at Okazu.

News from Japan: Canned Dogs reports that the earthquake in northern Japan this past weekend was predicted in Black Jack—the date, time, location, and even the magnitude all match up! EDIT: Or maybe not; an astute commenter says it’s not that close. On a sadder note, one earthquake victim was crushed to death by his own manga. Also the overreaction to the Akihabara stabbing incident has begun. At MangaCast, Ed Chavez posts his big list of Japanese releases for the month in several parts: ero-manga and the mid-size major publishers (part 1, part 2, part 4—no, I don’t know what happened to part 3). ANN reports that the Korean creators Youn In-Wan and Yang Kyung-Il, who just wrapped up Blade of the Phantom Master, are starting a new battle manga, Burning Hell, in Big Comic Spirits magazine. And the latest Jump Square magazine features a manga about the production of the Dragonball film.

Kamichama Karin ChuReviews: Erin F. catches up with some long-running series at PopCultureshock, with a look at vol. 7 of Reborn! and vol. 12 of Hikaru no Go, while Ken Haley reads vol. 1 of Croquis Pop. Xavier Guilbert’s review of Cat-Eyed Boy is now available in English at du9. Chris Mautner reviewed four global manga at Blog@Newsarama this week, and he only liked one. His pick might suprise you. Danielle Van Gorder reviews Endless Rain and Sakura Eries checks out vol. 3 of Hikkatsu at Anime on DVD. Michelle enjoys vol. 6 of Maison Ikkoku at Soliloquy in Blue. John Thomas takes on vol. 5 of MPD-Psycho at Mecha Mecha Media. Julie reviews the BL novel Better Than a Dream at the Manga Maniac Cafe and Weekend Lovers at MangaCast. Lissa Pattillo reads vol. 1 of Absolute Boyfriend and vol. 5 of Bring It On at Kuri-ousity. Johanna Draper Carlson is not impressed with vol. 1 of Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro at Comics Worth Reading. Connie works her way through the stack with reviews of vol. 1 of Kiichi and the Magic Books, vol. 1 of Strawberry-Chan, vol. 20 of Astro-Boy, vol. 1 of Crayon Shinchan, vol. 4 of Let Dai, and vol. 2 of Zombie-Loan at Slightly Biased Manga. At Active Anime, Scott Campbell reads vol. 3 of Parasyte and vol. 8 of Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole du Ciel, Rachel Bentham reviews vol. 1 of Kamichama Karin Chu, and Holly Ellingwood checks out the Queenie Chan/Dean Koontz collaboration In Odd We Trust. Tiamat’s Disciple presents his thoughts and impressions on vol. 1 of Aria. Huamulan03 critiques vol. 1 of Rocket Man at the Sunny Side Up Anime Blog. Erica Friedman reads vol. 5 of Strawberry Marshmallow and vol. 3 of Hatsukoi Shimai at Okazu. Greg McElhatton likes the idea of vol. 1 of Gimmick! better than the execution, but he sees potential for improvement, at Read About Comics. Yakuza in LoveThe Boys Next Door blog posts reviews of vol. 2 of Yakuza in Love and vol. 1 of Tea For Two. At The Yaoi Review, Sakura Kiss throws in her two cents on vol. 2 of Yakuza In Love as well. Deb Aoki thumbs through the July Shojo Beat at Sophie Stevens reads vol. 1 of Sand Chronicles at Animanga Nation. Ferdinand finds vol. 1 of The Record of a Fallen Vampire to be more interesting than he expected at Prospero’s Manga. Tangognat gets a good laugh out of vol. 1 of The Gorgeous Life of Strawberry Chan. Bill Sherman reviews Tokyo Metro at Blogcritics.

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  1. CrystalFalls says:

    “Canned Dogs reports that the earthquake in northern Japan this past weekend was predicted in Black Jack—the date, time, location, and even the magnitude all match up!”

    Ack, this meme won’t die. The date, time, and magnitude don’t match up. Tezuka didn’t write the year, said “around 8 AM” (it was close to 9 AM) and wrote about an earthquake about six times more powerful than the real one. The location Tezuke wrote was “Northeastern Japan,” which is as non-specific as saying “northern California” or “northern Italy.”

  2. I totally understand the feeling of not being able to contribute to the Podtiod-san podcast. I was on the podcast a couple of weeks ago, and I think I said even less then you did. But I thought what you had to say about Tokyopop’s convention presence and how you got into manga blogging was very interesting. I really enjoyed it. ^_^