Friday quick roundup

The crack MangaCast team examines this week’s manga offerings and takes their picks. Also, Ed Chavez posts more of his Big List of Japanese releases.

Lori Henderson looks at the many reasons for Tokyopop’s troubles at Manga Village.

At the Del Rey blog, Dallas Middaugh outlines his plans for tonight’s panel at AnimeNEXT, which include a discussion of Del Rey’s global manga plans but no new licenses. This sounds like a good bet for those who are thinking of sending in a submission.

Nicolas Verstappen interviews Vanyda, creator of The Building Opposite, at du9. (Interview is in French.)

Reviews: Ed Sizemore looks at vol. 18 of Negima! at Comics Worth Reading. Danielle Leigh reviews vol. 1 of Kamisama Kazoku, a new title from Go!Comi, at Comics Should Be Good. Part III of the lengthy review of Kara no Kyoukai is up at ComiPress. Greg Hackmann reviews vol. 1 of Flock of Angels, Julie Rosato reads vol. 7 of Kamui, and Matthew Alexander checks out vol. 8 of Kagetora at Anime on DVD. At the MangaCast, Ed Chavez has an audio review of vol. 1 of Honey & Clover and vol. 2 of Gunsmith Cats BURST. Connie reads vol. 10 of Sgt. Frog at Slightly Biased Manga. Oyceter reads the Chinese translation of Kaori Yuki’s Parfum Extrait 0 at Sakura of DOOM. Deb Aoki samples Love for Dessert at Lissa Pattillo reads vol. 3 of Black God at Kuri-ousity. Julie reviews vol. 1 of Makoto Tateno’s Red Angel at the Manga Maniac Cafe. David Welsh has a few notes about vol. 2 of Sand Chronicles at Precocious Curmudgeon. Ferdinand takes a look at vol. 1 of Gimmick! at Prospero’s Manga. Emily picks up another unlicensed manga, Usotsuki na Gemini, at Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page. Alex Woolfson reviews Constellations In My Palm at Yaoi 911.

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