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C.B. Cebulski plays with our heads by posting some samples of a Junko Mizuno Spider-man project. Can this be for real? I guess we’ll find out. (Image swiped from C.B.’s blog—hey, everyone else is doing it!)

Danielle Leigh is getting ready to head off to the summer cons at Manga Before Flowers.

I don’t think I ever linked to this, so here it is: The winners of the 2nd Morning International Manga Competition, with links to the top-placing works as well as the judges’ comments. (Via Shari.)

Erica Friedman presents a week’s worth of yuri news at Okazu. And she looks at chapter 7 of Gunjou, which is running in the same Morning 2 magazine that features Felipe Smith’s Peepo Choo manga.

Here’s evidence that Tokyopop is still alive: They have posted a lengthy preview of Vassalord on MySpace.

At the MangaCast, Ed Chavez takes a look at DMP’s new imprint, Doki Doki, which is strictly for books from the Japanese publisher Shinshokan, and ponders why Shinshokan chose to go that route rather than setting up their own brand here. He elaborates in comments at the Icarus blog (NSFW):

At a time when people are spreading rumors about Japanese pubs coming to this market, seeing Shinshokan further entrench themselves with DMP is actually refreshing. To me it shows confidence that DMP has a good grip on the BL market and that their Japanese partners see that also.

Also, Ed doesn’t think the BL wave has peaked. (Image of one of the new titles lifted from MangaCast.)

The ADV Death Watch crowd had a frisson of excitement on Friday when Anime on DVD reported on an auction of office furniture, etc. that had suspiciously familiar labels on it. ADV’s Chris Oarr confirmed that ADV was indeed auctioning off furniture but added that it was surplus stuff made unnecessary by already announced cutbacks, winding up his message with “P.S. Mention you heard about it on AoD and receive a free stapler with every purchase.” (Image swiped from here.)

Lissa Pattillo gives her impressions of several manga publishers at Kuriousity.

Tanoshimi is Del Rey’s British sister company, and blogger Alex of Nakama Brittanica has an appreciation of their books that will seem quite familiar to American fans of Del Rey.

Susie Lee of Studio QT explains how she retouched the sound effects on just one page of Gantz. John Jakala is impressed.

Visual Linguist Neil Cohn discusses some reasons why manga storytelling is so decompressed.

Alex Woolfson posts the pencils (rated 18+) for the second volume of his yaoi comic Artifice at Yaoi 911.

Friend of MangaBlog Matt Lehman wrote in to say that Comic Geek Speak interviewed Shannon and ?Angela, two staffers from his comics store, Comicopia.

The Manga Life writers heap scorn on a press release and reveal what they’re reading at the moment in the latest Manga Bulletin, and the staff also confess their guilty pleasures in a manga and anime roundtable.

The latest Japanator podcast, Podtoid-san, is up, featuring a discussion of ADV’s office furniture auction, Haridama Magic Cram School, and Maid Machinegun.

Nenena and Electric Goldfish express their opinions about the Harvey nomination for Witchblade. (Via When Fangirls Attack.)

Also via WFA: Ririka likes Claymore despite some WTF?s; Nenena adds some perspective in comments.

Queenie Chan posts the winners of the The Dreaming fanfic contest.

A Thai publisher has translated a 1984-vintage manga about Burmese human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Suu Kyi, and it’s available for download for $3.

News from Japan: Yuu Watase is closing down Yuu Watase Perfect World Fushigi Yuugi magazine so she can start a new work, according to ANN. ANN also reports that a new series, Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Aoi Kioku (Blue Memories) just started up in Kadokawa Shoten’s Gundam Ace magazine. A new Macross manga and novel are on the way as well. Akio Tanaka, the artist for the manga Shamo, is suing Izo Hashimoto, who is credited as the creator of the manga. Tanaka claims that he was the one who came up with the plot and characters. Gia has more.

Reviews: Casey Brienza reviews vol. 1 of Walkin’ Butterfly and Carlo Santos takes on vols. 14 and 15 of Monster at ANN. David Welsh takes a look at two new series from Go! Comi, vol. 1 of Kamisama Kazoku and vol. 1 of Ultimate Venus, at Precocious Curmudgeon. Michelle gets her hands on a copy of the hard-to-find Four Shojo Stories and reviews it at Soliloquy in Blue. She also checks out vol. 8 of Maison Ikkoku, vol. 2 of Sand Chronicles, and vol. 12 of xxxHolic. At Slightly Biased Manga, Connie likes vol. 2 of Suppli better than vol. 1, and she’s disappointed that it may be cancelled. She gives thumbs up to vol. 13 of From Eroica With Love as well. John Thomas is pleased with vol. 1 of Gantz at Mecha Mecha Media. Kethylia enjoys vol. 28 of Naruto. At PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon blog, Ken Haley reviews vol. 1 of Real and Phil Guie checks out vols. 5-8 of Enchanter. Edward Zacharias has a detailed review of vol. 29 of Naruto and Faith McAdams takes a look at vol. 3 of High School Debut at Animanga Nation. These reviews focus heavily on plot, so there may be spoilers. Deb Aoki catches up with vols. 1-3 of Black God at Sesho posts an audio review of vol. 1 of Negima at Sesho’s Anime and Manga Reviews. Brian P reads Two Flowers for the Dragon at MangaCast. At Manga Life, Park Cooper snags an advance copy of vol. 30 of Naruto and Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane reads vol. 1 of Time Stranger Kyoko and vol. 8 of La Corda d’Oro. Katie McNeill reviews vol. 1 of Hotel Africa and vol. 1 of Hellgate at Blogcritics. The Star of Malaysia picks up a Daily Yomiuri story about vols. 1-11 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and reviewer Holy Cow checks out vol. 1 of Fairy Cube. Julie checks out vol. 2 of Hero Heel and vol. 2 of Yakuza in Love at the Manga Maniac Cafe. At Kuriousity, Lissa Pattillo posts on vol. 5 of Wild Adapter, vol. 3 of Winter Demon, and vol. 1 of +Anima. Erin Jones reads vol. 1 of B.O.D.Y. and Gary Thompson enjoys vol. 2 of Pumpkin Scissors at Anime on DVD. It’s Dragonball weekend at Prospero’s Manga, where Ferdinand reviews the two new Viz omnibuses (omnibi?), Dragonball, Big Volume 1 and Dragon Ball Z, Big Volume 1. Emily reviews two untranslated series, Shinai Virus and Flower, at Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page. Sakura Kiss looks at vol. 1 of Tomcats, which is actually not yaoi, at The Yaoi Review. James Fleenor gives his impression of vol. 2 of Blood+ at Anime Sentinel. Brian Henderson reviews vol. 4 of Phantom at Manga Xanadu. Leroy Douresseaux reads vol. 1 of Battle Royale Ultimate Edition at The Comic Book Bin.

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