Vampire Hunter D comes to American comics

Devil’s Due Publishing has made a deal with Digital Manga to publish a new Vampire Hunter D story in a monthly American-style comics format, according to ICv2. The Devils Due folks say the series, titled Vampire Hunter D: American Wasteland, will have “a noticeably North American feel never before seen in the Vampire Hunter D mythos, while closely paying respect to the history of D.” This struck me as curious:

Dark Horse publishes the Vampire Hunter D novels in the U.S. (Volume 11 is due out in October), and they continue to sell better than the vast majority of manga titles released here in the States.

Can that be? Of course, one could argue that the market is flooded right now with manga that aren’t selling, but I’d love to see hard numbers to back that statement up. (Image of the first Vampire Hunter D novel from the Dark Horse website.)

Rumors of Tokyopop returning rights to creators may have been greatly exaggerated. Rich Johnston puts a yellow light next to this item in his Lying in the Gutters column:

LITG had previous reported that TOKYOPOP would be negotiating the return of rights to its creators of properties, after the current reduction of publishing plans.

Well, it seems to have been all mouth and no trousers. Those who have made approaches buoyed by the news and with prominent publishers lined up have suddenly been rebuffed.

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Ed has good news at the MangaCast: Dark Horse will be publishing vol. 11 of Eden: It’s an Endless World, a series whose future has been in doubt for some time.

The Anime Expo drumbeat continues. Deb Aoki has a handy summary of the AX manga highlights at,

News from Japan: This ran last week, but somehow I missed it: Suzue Miuchi will relaunch her classic manga Glass no Kamen (Glass Mask), one of the best selling shoujo manga of all time, in Bessatsu Hana to Yume magazine.

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  1. It doesn’t surprise me to hear that the Vampire Hunter D novels sell so well. They carry appeal outside of the manga world and at a higher overhead cost (a translation 10 times longer than a manga) making it 11 volumes says something is going right.

  2. A noticeably North American to Vampire Hunter D…. I don’t like the sound of that at all. And it going to be written by Jimmy Palmiotti…. oh god! Why in the hell do they let that dumbass write?!?!? He sucks!

    I hope this doesn’t happen.

  3. thomas wilson says:

    the author of vampire hunter d him self has said that the world he based the frontier on was a black and white mix of transelvania and cow boy films so if anythig the books already have a north american feel to them


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