An encouraging word

Christopher Butcher breaks through the gloom and doom in the latest segment of his survey of the manga industry at Comics212, suggesting that there is indeed a market, however modest, for mature-themed manga, and that at least some of today’s teenagers may indeed keep on reading manga as their tastes mature. He also points out that some series that we regard as “mature” manga, such as The Drifting Classroom, were actually written for kids. Good stuff. (Image is of vol. 1 of Tezuka’s Buddha, one of the better-selling mature manga.)

Chloe ponders the meaning of the word “adult,” and why it is applied to some manga, at Shuchaku-East.

And if you haven’t read the comments on yesterday’s post, check in for a lively discussion of adult manga and whether Gantz is awesome or should be burned at the stake. Best line goes to John Thomas:

If “sex, violence and boobs” a sinner makes, then I forgive me Father, as I have sinned.

ANN reports that Youka Nitta, who admitted to tracing photographs last week, has quit drawing manga and pulled down her website. And her publisher, Libre, has deleted links to her work from its website.

David Welsh looks at this week’s new manga.

Ed Chavez’s latest Side Dish podcast is a con report from Anime Expo on the josei/TL/BL publisher Aurora. Ed also takes a look at new titles from 801, June, and Digital’s new imprint, DokiDoki.

Brandon Graham has posted chapter 2 of vol. 2 of King City on his LJ.

At Manga Xanadu, Lori Henderson endorses renaming light novels as “J-Pulp” but is a bit frustrated with people who foretell the future of manga at an anime convention and with Tokyopop, for announcing new licenses before announcing which of their existing licenses they will keep.

John Jakala looks up Shonen Jump in Wikipedia and finds himself being quoted. Congratulations, John—you’re internet-famous!

Reviews: Casey Brienza reviews the stand-alone short-story collection Pleasure Dome at ANN. Michelle Smith, of Soliloquy in Blue, starts her reviewing gig at PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon blog with a look at vol. 1 of Time Stranger Kyoko. New reviews are up at Comics Village: Charles Tan on vol. 7 of Hayate the Combat Butler, Dan Polley on vol. 3 of Pumpkin Scissors, John Thomas on vol. 1 of Kujibiki Unbalance, Sabrina on Short-Tempered Melancholic, and Lori Henderson on vol. 1 of Vampire Hunter D. Invaeon summarizes vols. 1-13 of Eden: It’s an Endless World at Manly Manga and More. Johanna Draper Carlson recommends Antique Bakery at Comics Worth Reading. Julie reviews vol. 1 of Tears of a Lamb and vol. 3 of Walkin’ Butterfly at the Manga Maniac Cafe. Lissa Pattillo checks out vol. 9 of Cantarella at Kuriousity. Connie reads vol. 8 of Oh My Goddess at Slightly Biased Manga. Erica Friedman’s take on vol. 1 of Suzunari: It’s not bad translation, it’s just bad. Ferdinand reviews vol. 1 of Vassalord at Prospero’s Manga.

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