Thursday news and reviews

The crack MangaCast team picks the best of the best from this week’s new manga releases, and Ed Chavez lists the October/November releases from the August Previews, for those who like to plan ahead.

Matt Blind compiles a chart of July’s new manga releases and lists the top manga in online pre-orders at Rocket Bomber. And he takes a closer look at Del Rey, with charts and some info that may not be obvious to the casual reader.

I think I already reported this, but it was a while ago: The Phoenix Wright manga is coming in September.

News from Japan: ANN updates us on the fates of the manga serials that ran in Young Sunday, which ceased publication recently. Also, Makoto Kobayashi, the creator of What’s Michael, will be drawing a “true story” manga about his experiences working for Shonen Magazine 25 years ago. The manga version of Cafe Kichijouji de will restart in the fall; my kids discovered this one a few years ago and thought it was hilarious. Venus Versus Virus is ending its run in Monthly Dengeki Daioh. And there’s a manga adaptation of Kung Fu Panda running in Kerokero Ace. Meanwhile, Kyoto Seika University, which has long offered a manga program, now has a course in cell phone manga.

Reviews: Esther Keller gives her take on the first issue of Yen+ at Good Comics For Kids. Matthew Brady reviews Viz’s all-ages manga Cowa! at Warren Peace Sings the Blues. Shifting gears completely, Casey Brienza finds a lot to like about vol. 5 of MPD-Psycho at ANN. At Manga Life, Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane reviews Short-Tempered Melancholic and Park Cooper checks out Cowa! and vol. 2 of Dororo and pens short takes on a stack of other manga. Johanna Draper Carlson reviews vol. 2 of Dorothea and recommends all of Yotsuba&! at Comics Worth Reading. New reviews are up at Comics Village: John Thomas on Tokyo Zombie, Sabrina on The Gorgeous Life of Strawberry-Chan, Lori Henderson on vol. 11 of Nana, and Charles Tan on vol. 5 of Eyeshield 21. It takes a real man to read a shoujo manga, and Isaac Hale shows he has what it takes at PopCultureShock, where he gives an A+ to vols. 9-11 of Nana. Ed Chavez posts an audio review of vol. 1 of Toto! at MangaCast. Writer Rachel Manija Brown posts a brief review of Silver Diamond. Connie enjoyed Tokyo Zombie, to her surprise, at Slightly Biased Manga. D.M. Evans reads vol. 1 of Psycho Busters, the novel, at Manga Jouhou. Sesho has audio reviews up of vol. 1 of Elemental Gelade and vol. 7 of GTO. Lissa Pattillo checks out vol. 5 of Yotsuba&! and vol. 7 of Satisfaction Guaranteed at Kuriousity. Julie reads vol. 8 of Chibi Vampire and vol. 5 of I Hate You More Than Anyone! at the Manga Maniac Cafe.

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  1. I just want to give a public congrats to Ryan and the release of TOKYO ZOMBIE this week. He and Evan put a lot of work into it, and it shows.