CMX on the cheap—but only till tomorrow!

Erin Finnegan notes that RightStuf is having a big sale on CMX manga, and if you don’t know what to buy, she has some suggestions. My recs: Emma (of course!), Canon, Kiichi and the Magic Books, Oyayubihime Infinity (excellent shoujo past-life story with a quirky cast), Chikyu Misaki, and Presents. I also liked their version of Densha Otoko (Train Man) a lot.

Lissa Pattillo posts a thoughtful essay on sexuality in BL manga at Kurousity. On her blog, Melinda Beasi muses on why she doesn’t care for yaoi.

Gia and Johanna Draper Carlson weigh in with their thoughts on Digital’s new eManga site.

Japanator’s Dale North posts about reading manga in public and gets lots of reaction from commenters.

At Rocket Bomber, Matt Blind lists the top 500 manga (online sales), a summary of manga rankings, online pre-orders, and new releases for the second week of August.

Wow, how things have changed! ANN is launching a column featuring interviews with American manga artists; the first one profiles Lanny Liu.

Queenie Chan writes about SDCC and In Odd We Trust in her latest LJ entry.

Tim Beedle, one of my favorite Toyopop editors, is back freelancing for the company and he’s blogging about Cog, one of the Tokyopop pilots. Tim was one of the few editors there who really got the blogging thing and took the time to do it, so everything he posts is worth a look.

Scott VonSchilling files his Otakon con report at Anime Almanac.

Yoshitoshi ABe is publishing manga via iTunes in 20 countries, including the U.S. and Canada.

News flash: Naruto is popular! And so is Pokemon!

Update your bookmarks: The Industry Babble blog has moved to the Broccoli website. Also, Indie Review has updated their website and added a blog, although there’s no content yet. And here’s a new-ish site that includes anime and manga in the mix, along with games and other comics: The Hachiko. Drop by and take a look.

News from Japan: Summer Comiket has begun, and some guy has been arrested for threatening (on 2chan) to blow the place up. Nodame Cantabile will go on hiatus in October while mangaka Tomoko Ninomiya has her baby. The boxing manga Ring ni Kakero 2, by Saint Seiya creator Masami Kurumada, is entering its final arc.

Reviews: Danielle Leigh finds a manga for every taste in this week’s Manga Before Flowers column at Comic Book Resources. Chris Mautner takes a look at some classic manga titles, Dororo, Cat-Eyed Boy, and Red Colored Elegy, at Panels and Pixels and a handful of newer ones at Blog@Newsarama. Erin F. and her pals dig through a big box of yaoi and discuss their reactions in the YaoiCast podcast at the MangaCast. John Thomas reviews Tokyo Zombie at Mecha Mecha Media. At ANN, Carlo Santos hefts vol. 1 of the collectors edition of Bleach and Casey Brienza reads vol. 1 of Kamichama Karin Chu. Sabrina enjoys the sports manga vol. 1 of Whistle! at Comics Village. Chloe Ferguson explains what makes vol. 5 of Bring it On so great and the team kicks in with some manga minis at PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon blog. Connie has quick takes on vol. 20 of Berserk and vol. 5 of Black Sun, Silver Moon at Slightly Biased Manga. Lissa Pattillo reads Lost Boys at Kuriousity. Julie reviews the BL novel Gentle Cage at the Manga Maniac Cafe. Ferdinand checks out vol. 1 of Seduction More Beautiful Than Love and vol. 1 of The Mysterians at Prospero’s Manga. Emily reviews the Japanese title Hyoko Romantica at Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page. EvilOmar is a bit late with his midweek manga reviews at About Heroes, but they are as entertaining as ever. Deb Aoki reviews vol. 1 of Sugar Princess: Skating to Win and vol. 1 of Slam Dunk at Kiara reviews vol. 5 of Lunar Legend Tsukihime at Manga Jouhou. James Fleenor checks out vol. 1 of Ral Ω Grad at Anime Sentinel. Sakura Kiss reads vol. 1 of Oh My God! at The Yaoi Review. Kiki Van De Camp reviews vol. 2 of Fairy Cube and Clive Owen checks out vol. 2 of Rosario + Vampire at Animanga Nation. Erica Friedman posts on vol. 2 of Kannazuki no Miko at Okazu. Jason Van Horn takes a look at vol. 3 of Love Hina at The Hachiko.

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  1. I really *want* to like yaoi. Maybe that counts for something? :) I’m hoping Lissa can help me see the light.

  2. Actually, Nodame Cantabile is going on hiatus *after* October.

  3. I fixed it. Thanks, Elina! I

    Melinda, maybe some aspiring creators will read your post and create some yaoi you can love?

  4. Brigid, that would be a dream come true! :D

  5. I only like certain yaoi. The bittersweet the better, and it has to have great characters who are the focus of the story. I’d rather the protagonists be near in age and size, and if it’s too comedic or too graphic, I’m not interested.