Save the whales… for dinner!

OK, the post-Thanksgiving stupor is finally wearing off and I’m getting back to business again. Let’s start off with something completely different: Steven Schulz e-mailed me with a link to his scanlation of an anti-anti-whaling screed by insane right-wing cartoonist Kobayashi Yoshinori. Yes, all you Greenpeace-loving whale-huggers, did you realize that whales are actually marauders of the deep and that the best thing we can do for the earth is kill more of them? And that the anti-whaling movement is actually a plot by the Anglo-Saxon countries, whose beef-eating habits are much worse for the environment? No? Well, read on, and be enlightened!

The MangaCast team make their picks from this week’s new manga, and for those who like to plan ahead, Ed posts the manga list from the December Previews (shipping next February and March). The Manga Villagers list their picks as well at Comics Village.

As Broccoli Books prepares to close its doors, Shizuki is sending out promotional trinkets to libraries with anime clubs. Click for details.

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Mike Gombos of Dark Horse posts some fresh art from Vampire Hunter D creator Yoshitaka Amano. These are of the character he persists in calling Tacoman, although he’s really modeled on an octopus (tako), not a Mexican treat.

At Japanator, Dick McVengeance admits there are some manga even he won’t read, and the readers chime in with their own do-not-wants.

News from Japan: The 24th issue of Young Animal magazine features a one-shot manga, Samurai Sword, based on the film Kill by director Mamuro Oshii, whose other credits include Ghost in the Shell and Patlabor. Bones’ Xam’d: Lost Memories anime will get the manga treatment as well, in Ace Assault. A speaker at the World Congress III Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents criticized the Japanese government for allowing anime and manga with representations of children in sexual situations. Japan allows drawings, but not photographs, of children in sexual acts.

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  1. not native english speaker says:

    About the pro whaling manga, this guy is a looney, but when it comes to the environmental impact of raising and feeding livestock, he is not wrong.

    Just because he has an agenda doesn’t mean everything he wrote is wrong, there’s a grain of truth.

    He wrote that fast food companies are cutting trees in Brazil to sell hamburgers.

    Well the Brazilian Amazonian forest is cut down at a very fast rate to increase land available for soy culture.

    And imported soy is a very big part of the food that is fed to American livestock. There is the oil that is used to carry to the US, then to carry processed meat everywhere in the country.

    Also, fertilizers necessitate oil to be made, so there is another oil consumption.

    The impact of raising livestock on the environment and global warming is real. We don’t need to eat animal proteins several times a day, once is enough. If we scaled back, we could reduce our oil consumption, and use all those grains and cereals that we use to feed livestock to feed more people.

  2. Hi! Thanks for linking to the Kobayashi Yoshinori scanlation! ありがとう!