ICv2 projects fewer releases; Ultimo series to launch in Japan

The new ICv2 Guide to Anime and Manga is out, and the number-crunchers there are predicting a 10% drop in manga releases in 2009:

In the ICv2 manga survey at the end of 2007 publishers indicated that they planned to publish 1,731 volumes of manga, an 18% increase over the 1,468 volumes released in 2006, but the actual number of manga released in 2008 appears to be around 1,356 as publishers cut titles during the second half of the year. The total from ICv2’s 2009 Manga Survey indicates that publishers are planning to release 1,224.

Watch this space, as the guide also lists the top 25 manga properties, but that link isn’t up yet.

Ultimo, the one-shot manga created by Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei (creator of Shaman King) will begin its run as a full-blown series in the Japanese Jump Square magazine in February. No word yet on when it will make the leap to the U.S., but both ANN and Gia think it will be soon.

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Is there a name for the manga category that can be described as shônen-y shôjo done by boys’-love creators who don’t entirely abandon their primary category?

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  1. Viz media announced Ultimo as their Free Comic Book Day offering