Well, I’m minus one bathroom at the moment, and my kitchen has relocated to my dining room, but progress is being made. Sort of. Here’s a quick roundup, and I’ll be posting more later today.

David Welsh has a lively column up at The Comics Reporter in which he asks manga industry folks about their favorite manga of the past year.

PWCW has a ten-page preview of the last volume of one of my favorite series, After School Nightmare.

Tania del Rio reflects as she wraps up the manga-style Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Lori Henderson is getting a jump on spring cleaning by pruning her manga collection, and she posts some sites where you can get rid of your unwanted manga—and get new manga as well!

The other side of the comics blogosphere has erupted into one of its periodic discussions of why there are so few superheroine comics; over at The Hooded Utilitarian, Noah Berlatsky takes up the question just a bit but points out the obvious:

There are a number of extremely successful female super-hero comics. They just aren’t put out by Marvel and DC.

Of course, the format is different too. Maybe that’s what’s throwing people.

News from Japan: Ed Chavez posts the latest manga rankings from Taiyosha at MangaCast.

Reviews: Charles Hatfield gives vol. 1 of Black Jack the Thought Balloonists treatment. Lots of pictures, too! Danielle Leigh posts her latest reading diary at Comics Should Be Good. Johanna Draper Carlson posts short reviews of a number of Viz titles at Comics Worth Reading. Tom Baker of the Daily Yomiuri roundly pans Bat-Manga! The Manga Recon folks cover a number of books in a short time in their latest Manga Minis. New at Comics Village: Katherine Farmar on vol. 1 of Shout Out Loud!, Alex Hoffman on vol. 1 of Battle Royale, John Thomas on vol. 7 of MPD-Psycho, and Lori Henderson on vols. 1-3 of Dororo. Diana Dang enjoys vols. 1 and 2 of Song of the Hanging Sky at Stop, Drop, and Read!

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