Links for a snow day

You know, 99% of the time, working for the mayor of my city is the greatest job in the world. On snow days, however… not so much, because while everyone else is sleeping in, I have to make an extra effort to shovel out and get in there to answer the phones. Also, when the rest of you see lazy white flakes drifting downward, we municipal folks see big green dollars flying out the window, because plowing, while necessary, is expensive. And just to make things perfect, today is the day the governor announces exactly how much he is going to cut our budget.

Gah! Let’s go read some manga instead!

Johanna Draper Carlson has a meaty preview of Mijeong, a manhwa by Byun-Byung Jun, creator of Run, Bong-Gu, Run, to be published by NBM in April.

God Len lists this week’s new releases at Japanator.

The poll results are rolling in at, where readers have chosen the best shonen and shoujo titles of 2008.

Bill Randall discusses the weaknesses of manga adaptations of the classics at The Hooded Utilitarian.

Tiamat’s Disciple posts an overview of manga publishers at Tiamat’s Manga Reviews.

Reviewer Matthew Alexander lists his top 10 most manly manga at (Via Simon Jones, who has a very NSFW preview up at his blog right now.)

Unlike everyone else in the world, Viz Media is hiring, and they have even set up an RSS feed to alert you to job openings. (Via Deb Aoki, who lists current positions as well.)

Reviews: I’m reassured by the fact that Casey Brienza couldn’t follow the fight scenes in vol. 1 of Wild Animals either; although I did like the book a bit better than she did, I agree with every point in her scathing takedown. Reviewer Baka has good things to say about Tegami Bachi, a new series running in the American Shonen Jump, at The Gaming Dungeon. Johanna Draper Carlson reviews vol. 2 of Papillon at Comics Worth Reading. Nick Mullins gives his take on Solanin at his blog. Lissa Pattillo reads vol. 5 of Heaveny Executioner Chiwoo at Kuriousity. Julie checks out vol. 3 of Basilisk at the Manga Maniac Cafe. Erica Friedman takes a look at the Alice Quartet Obbligato Manga at Okazu. Emily looks at another unlicensed manga, Totteoki no B.G.M., at Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page. Edward Zacharias reviews vol. 2 of Black Lagoon at Animanga Nation. Deb Aoki reviews vol. 1 of Oishinbo at At Boys Next Door, Cynthia posts her take on Seduce Me After the Show and vol. 8 of Junjo Romantica. Connie checks out Object of Desire, vol. 2 of B.O.D.Y., vol. 2 of Banana Fish, and vol. 3 of Your and My Secret at Slightly Biased Manga. Tiamat’s Disciple weighs in on vol. 1 of Jyu-oh-Sei at Tiamat’s Manga Reviews. Michelle Smith enjoys vol. 3 of Silver Diamond at Soliloquy in Blue. Brian Henderson reads vol. 2 of Zombie Powder at Manga Xanadu.

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