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This week’s New York Times manga best-seller list is up, and Viz owns it: Seven volumes of Naruto and one each of Bleach, The Gentlemen’s Alliance +, and Black Cat. The USA Today Booklist includes four Narutos and a Bleach as well. ANN compares that to last week. Meanwhile, Diamond’s preliminary February numbers are out, and Viz is only a small part of that world, with 0.89% of the market share and just one volume of Naruto on the top ten graphic novels chart.

The MangaCast team takes a look at this week’s new releases.

Isaac Hale asks Manga Recon readers to join in a campaign to save Off*Beat, one of the best of the early crop of Tokyopop global manga.

Susie at Studio QT has word that an actual copy of Oh My Goddess! Colors!! has been spotted in the Dark Horse offices, and the book should ship on May 13. John Jakala is not impressed, concluding that four years is too long to wait.

At Anime Vice, Gia links to the best responses to her Required Reading request and poses some questions for next week.

JoongAng Daily looks at the popularity of manhwa in Africa. (Via Blog@Newsarama.)

News from Japan: The Asia Daily News looks at the phenomenon of manga science study guides, and whether a pretty manga girl does a better job of introducing the periodic table of the elements than mere text. John Thomas is in Japan right now, and he finds some manga.

Reviews: The YKK discussion gets interactive at The Hooded Utilitarian: part 1, part 2, and Bill Randall’s defense of his description of the comic as “reactionary.” EvilOmar posts some mini-reviews of recent titles, including one book that is manga in format only, at About Heroes. Be read for spoilers if you read Michelle Smith’s review of vol. 9 of Nana at soliloquy in blue. The Japanator folks have a video review up of Mr. Flower Bride. And over at Firefox News, Peter Gutierrez takes a look at the first of the Udon kids’ manga, vol. 1 of Ninja Baseball Kyuma!

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