Wednesday news roundup

Here’s something pretty to get you through hump day: Sho Murase posts some advertising art on her personal blog. Isn’t it lovely?

At PWCW, Kate Culkin has a nice article on The Color of Earth, the first volume of a manhwa trilogy to be published by First Second starting this month.

David Welsh picks the most likely of this week’s new manga.

David Doub interviews Amy Reeder Hadley, creator of Fool’s Gold and brand-new Eisner nominee, at Manga Punk.

Can you make a living on translating manga? Alethea and Athena Nibley, translators of Fruits Basket, contemplate the upside and downside of manga work.

Lissa Pattillo spots some new listings on Amazon, including a sequel to Aimee Major Steinberger’s Japan Ai and a Blade of the Immortal novel.

You know how Matt Thorn says Japanese people think manga characters look Japanese? Well, Noah Berlatsky thinks Superman would look Japanese as well, if we took him out of context.

At, Deb Aoki takes a look at this weekend’s anime and manga cons.

John Jakala is having fun with some images from salaryman comics at Sporadic Sequential.

At, Jake Forbes has the results of his Return to Labyrinth fake spoiler contest.

News from Japan: Kimagure Orange Road is returning for a one-shot in Super Jump magazine.

Reviews: Deb Aoki does it right with a joint review of vol. 3 of Astro Boy and vols. 1 and 2 of Pluto. Like Deb, I really “got” Pluto after reading Astro Boy.

Lissa Pattillo on vol. 1 of 07-Ghost (Kuriousity)
Casey Brienza on vol. 2 of Akihabara@DEEP (ANN)
Billy Aguiar on Anima (Prospero’s Manga)
Connie on vol. 8 of Bastard (Slightly Biased Manga)
David Rasmussen on vol. 2 of BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (Manga Life)
Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane on vol. 4 of Captive Hearts (Manga Life)
Michelle Smith on vol. 2 of Click (soliloquy in blue)
Michelle Smith on vol. 3 of Goong (soliloquy in blue)
Connie on vols. 19 and 20 of Hana-Kimi (Slightly Biased Manga)
Kris on vol. 1 of Higurashi When They Cry (Manic About Manga)
Johanna Draper Carlson on vol. 1 of Honey Hunt (Comics Worth Reading)
Connie on vol. 11 of Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs (Slightly Biased Manga)
Danielle Leigh on Hey, Sensei? (Comics Should Be Good)
Melinda Beasi on La Corda d’Oro (there it is, plain as daylight) SPOILERS!
Casey Brienza on vols. 1-3 of Love Pistols (ANN)
Connie on vol. 6 of Lunar Legend Tsukihime (Slightly Biased Manga)
Frank J. Harris on The Manga Guide to Databases (Help Net Security)
Casey Brienza on vols. 1-3 of Psychic Power Nanaki (ANN)
Grant Goodman on vol. 1 of Queen of Ragtonia (Manga Recon)
Emily on Shiroi Jersey ~ Sensei to Watashi ~ (Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page)
Lori Henderson on vol. 16 of Skip-Beat (Comics Village)
Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane on vol. 2 of St. Dragon Girl (Manga Life)
Joy Kim on vol. 1 of Step (Manga Life)
Casey Brienza on The Super-Cool Life of Strawberry-Chan (Graphic Novel Reporter)
Julie on vol. 1 of Train*Train (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Casey Brienza on Vidia and the Fairy Crown (Graphic Novel Reporter)
Casey Brienza on You Will Drown in Love (Graphic Novel Reporter)

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