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Let’s start today with some Rumiko Takahashi news: The first chapter of Rin-ne went online yesterday; here’s a roundup of early reactions from Deb Aoki, Gia, Greg Hackmann, John Jakala, Lissa Pattillo, and Tangognat.

Also, there’s a blog on the site, and they kicked right off with some big news: Starting in July, with vol. 38, InuYasha will be released unflipped at the rate of one volume a month.

David Welsh takes a look at this week’s new releases at Precocious Curmudgeon, and he has a question for readers: Pluto or 20th Century Boys?

There’s lots of interesting stuff in the latest Ninja Consultant Podcast, including the 411 on Erin and Noah’s planned Zero-G wedding.

The Comics Journal has a podcast (direct link) of a Sakuracon panel discussion on the state of the anime and manga industries, featuring Carl Horn and Philip Simon of Dark Horse, Adam Sheenan of Funimation, and Japanamerica author Roland Kelts. And Karl Olson posts a Sakuracon roundup at Toon Zone.

At Yaoi 911, Alex Woolfson shows off the cover art for his upcoming comic Tough.

News from Japan: Canned Dogs has more on the new Azumanga Daioh chapters, including a clarification on the shift in publishers. And Takenashi Eri reassures her fans that she is still alive, although serious health problems have forced her to put Kannagi on hiatus. ANN has this week’s comic rankings from Oricon and Tohan.


Carlo Santos on vol. 2 of 20th Century Boys (ANN)
Karen Maeda on vol. 1 of Animal Academy (Sequential Tart)
Scott Campbell on Appleseed, vol. 4: The Promethean Balance (Active Anime)
Leroy Douresseaux on Battlestar Galactica: Echoes of New Caprica (The Comic Book Bin)
Rachel Bentham on Don’t Rush Love (Active Anime)
Deb Aoki on vol. 1 of Future Diary (
Connie on vol. 3 of Goong (Slightly Biased Manga)
Sesho on vol. 14 of Hikaru No Go (Sesho’s Anime and Manga Reviews)
Karen Maeda on vol. 12 of Love*Com (Sequential Tart)
Holly Ellingwood on The Manga Cookbook (Active Anime)
Elena on The Manga Guide to Statistics (Sequential Smarts)
Phil Guie on My Only King (Manga Recon)
Leroy Douresseaux on vol. 37 of Naruto (The Comic Book Bin)
Julie on vol. 4 of Nora: The Last Chronicle of Devildom (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Connie on vol. 5 of Nora: The Last Chronicle of Devildom (Slightly Biased Manga)
Michelle Smith on vol. 6 of One Piece (soliloquy in blue)
Leroy Douresseaux on vol. 6 of Our Kingdom (The Comic Book Bin)
Ed Sizemore on vol. 2 of Pluto (Comics Worth Reading)
Patti Martinson on vol. 4 of Record of the Fallen Vampire (Sequential Tart)
Scott VonSchilling on vol. 1 of Venus Capriccio (The Anime Almanac)
Karen Maeda on vol. 4 of We Were There (Sequential Tart)
Tom Spurgeon on Wolverine: Prodigal Son (The Comics Reporter)

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  1. Heh, I was interested in Rin-Ne too, and in seeing how the simultaneous release would work… and I should have known better.
    It does, at least, allow me to give a very short review: I’d overlooked the fact that manga can be region coded just like anime after all :(

  2. Travis McGee says:

    Yes, I live in New Zealand and was region-blocked too. Disappointing given that Viz sells all its Takahashi manga here…

  3. Well, I sat down Friday evening and spent about four hours gathering up four pages’ worth of first thoughts myself. If anyone’s curious to read the attempt of an old amateur to match imaginations with Takahashi-sensei, they’re here:

    (Mind you, I almost became a pro writer/editor once. I might have been able to get a loan to float payment for the first issues of the comic-book company my friends and I almost started in the 1980s. If I’d ever bought anything on credit, that is. . . .) : ]