Four-panel manga, new Junko Mizuno book

David Welsh writes about four-panel (yonkoma) manga in his latest Flipped column.

Meanwhile, Jason Thompson has wrapped up his updates to Manga: The Complete Guide, and he has some reflections and deep thoughts about the evolution of the manga industry, how people perceive manga, and the lack of manga in libraries.

Exciting news from Same Hat! Same Hat!: Last Gasp will be publishing Junko Mizuno’s Pelu, with the first volume out this fall.

Hmm. UPI reports that the Shogakukan people actually said out loud that they are putting their manga online in English to fight scanlators. I think this was in the back of my head all along, but it’s interesting to see it articulated to the press (although it would be more interesting to see it credited to an actual person, rather than “Shogakukan,” which is a large company).

Erica Friedman briefs us on all the yuri news at Okazu.

John Jakala catches a lame typo in the New Yorker (a rarity!) and a rude gesture in Ranma 1/2.

Here’s a cartoonist’s take on manga hipsters (via Comics212).

News from Japan: Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is moving from Shonen Ace to the new magazine Young Ace when the latter launches in July. Click the link for info on another Young Ace story, a Haruhi spinoff. The gambling manga Kaiji is about to return to the pages of Young Magazine. And here are some new series to watch out for: Sayonara Ginjō (Farewell, Ultramarine), by Akira Saso, and Otogimoyou Ayanishiki Futatabi (Otogimoyou Ayanishiki Again), by Kyouko Hikawa. Meanwhile, Canned Dogs posts some reactions to Satou Shuuhou’s announcement that he will put Say Hello to Black Jack online.

Reviews: At Good Comics for Kids, Sabrina Fritz reviews two manga by Svetlana Chmakova, vol. 1 of Nightschool and vol. 1 of Dramacon. Fellow GC4K blogger Lori Henderson checks out vol. 1 of The Big Adventures of Majoko at her own blog, Manga Xanadu.

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  1. yay!! New Junko Mizuno!

  2. As far as the UPI report goes, I think the latest Rumiko Takahashi simultaneous translation effort by Viz will really show that it can be done, done well and not simultaneously prevent sales. All the while, preventing scanlation groups from doing unlicensed works, too.

    Not only that, it would probably give a better indication of whether or not a title would be profitable in the overseas market, what with website analytics and all to bear that out, as opposed to anecdotal remarks made in an online discussion thread. The same goes for the Naruto anime subtitling that’s being done right now — what better way to beat the subbers/scanlators than to just simply beat them at their own game?

  3. Hm, it actually seems like LG has been sitting on Pelu for some time now; the initial announcement had a release pegged for Spring 2009, but I guess it got pushed back a bit…I believe jaPRESS was slated to play a part in its publication as well?