SDCC: New licenses

Lissa Pattillo, Gia Manry, and Deb Aoki are breathlessly following the manga panels at SDCC. There don’t seem to be as many new license announcements as in previous years, but Yen Press steals the show with their acquisition of CLAMP’s Kobato. We learned about Black Butler earlier this week, but Yen unveiled a nine other titles as well:

Darker Than BLACK, by Bones, Tensai Okamura, Nokya, Arklight
Romeo x Juliet, adapted by COM, Gonzo, SPWT
Bunny Drop, by Yumi Unita
Sasameke, by Ryuji Gotsubo
Omamori Himari, by Milan Matra
My Girlfriend’s A Geek (Fujyoshi Kanojo), by Pentabu and Rize Shinba
Otome, by Yuuki Fujinari
Dragon Girl, by Toru Fujieda
Natsukashi Machi no Rozione, by Sumomo Yumeka

Meanwhile, Viz only had two new manga announcements, both at their Shonen Jump panel: Toriko, by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, and Bakuman, by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. Toriko sounds like another foodie manga, which should be cool; Bakuman is a manga about making manga.

UPDATE: Melinda Beasi is pleased.


Viz Shonen Jump Panel (Deb Aoki)
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Viz Shonen Jump panel (Lissa Pattillo at Kuriousity)
Viz Anime and Manga panel liveblog (Gia at Anime Vice)
Viz Anime and Manga panel (Lissa Pattillo at Kuriousity)
Yen Press panel (Lissa Pattillo at Kuri-ousity)
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  1. I am so very excited about Viz having Bakuman. Oh, yes, yes, yes. <3

  2. I’m especially looking forward to Fujyoshi Kanojo (it’s funny by itself, but it’s even more hilarious for one who is a yaoi fan girl or knows a yaoi fan girl!) and Bakuman.

    This new has just made my day.
    *Glows with happiness*

  3. wow, Yen seems to be scoring all kinds of coups these days. more power to them.


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