SDCC news: CMX, Dark Horse, Del Rey

CMX: Here’s the list of new titles, via Lissa Pattillo, who attended the panel:

Nyankoi!, by Sato Fujisawa
Shisso Holiday, by Otsuichi/Hiro Kiyohara
The Phantom Guesthouse, by Nari Kusawkawa
Tableau Gate, by Rika Suzuki
51 Ways to Save Her, by Usaramu Furuya

ANN has cover art and genre information. Click on either post to see a list of other manga that were officially announced for the first time at SDCC but were already revealed through other channels. ANN has a writeup of the panel discussion by Evan Miller, and Gia Manry liveblogged it for Anime Vice.

Dark Horse: 20th anniversary omnibus editions of two CLAMP series, Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura, are in the works, Gia reports, with all eight volumes of Chobits squeezed into two fat new volumes. Magic Knight Rayearth will also get the omnibus treatment. All three were originally published in the U.S. by Tokyopop. Bamboo Dong has more at ANN, including the news that five CLAMP omnibuses are planned altogether (Clover was released last month) and that the new volumes will be edited by Carl Horn.

Del Rey: New titles:

Code:Breaker, by Akimine Kamijyō
Panic x Panic, by Mika Kawamura
Pink Innocent, by Kotori Momoyuki

Gia adds that Del Rey is developing a manga version of The Last Airbender, written by Dave Roman and illustrated by Nina Matsumoto (of Yokaiden fame). Also, CLAMP in America has been delayed from October to March. Carlo Santos reported on the panel as well for ANN.

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