Thoughts on old and new manga

Not manga, but perhaps important someday: I wrote about comiXology’s Comics iPhone application in my latest Unbound column at Robot 6. It has some interesting twists and while the manga content is minimal at the moment, that could always change.

Turn the sound off on your browser before you go to read “Manga and Minimalism: The Shared Visions of Yoshihiro Tatsumi and Raymond Carver,” by Oliver Ho, at Pop Matters. It looks like an interesting article, but the intrusive movie ad at the top of the page cuts into the enjoyment a bit.

At, Deb Aoki has a thorough writeup of the Yen Press panel at Comic-Con, which included the announcement of Kobato, a new manga from CLAMP, and an interesting Q&A with Kurt Hassler.

Shojo Flash lists this week’s new shoujo manga releases. David Welsh’s selections from the new releases include vol. 6 of Black Jack.

Tangognat lists her picks from the August Previews.

Veteran manga editor Jake Forbes has a new blog, and he muses a bit on his early work with the benefit of hindsight.

Johanna Draper Carlson asks her readers for their favorite Sigikki Manga series at Comics Worth Reading.

News from Japan: ANN reports on the launch of for Bessatsu Shonen magazine, which promises fat issues filled with manga by well-known (in Japan, anyway) creators. Zatch Bell manga-ka Makoto Raiku will publish five manga in less than a month in various venues. Shonen Jump is posting the first (and some later) chapters of 22 manga (in Japanese) online for free.

Reviews: David Welsh reviews the initial offerings on Viz’s Sigikki site at The Comics Reporter. Wally Xie has a short look at Katsuhiro Otomo’s Tokyo Metro Explorers at The Eastern Standard.

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