All Hail King City

Don MacPherson talks to creator Brandon Graham and Tokyopop marketing director about King City, which is being co-published in a unique arrangement by Tokyopop and Image Comics. Here’s Brandon’s summary of the deal:

“As far as I understand it, Image is putting this out as they would any of the creator-owned titles they do, treating Tokyopop as they would normally treat a creator,” he told Eye on Comics. “So Image will get the same percentage they would with any other they put out. And Tokyopop is paying me up front to draw it.”

Image is reformatting the title as a pamphlet-style series and republishing the first volume in that format before putting out the new material. Although it canceled most of its global manga series last year, Tokyopop has, for the most part, refused to return any rights to the creators, so creators can’t take their work elsewhere (McPherson talks to Ross Campbell and Becky Cloonan about this). And even under this new arrangement, Tokyopop, not Graham, is the creator who makes the contract with Image. Graham notes the occasion in his LJ, which is, as always, a NSFW but interesting collection of his own work and interesting comics he has seen here or there.

Disappearance Diary has been nominated for an Ignatz Award, the first manga to be so honored, according to Deb Aoki.

Reviews: At the Forbidden Planet blog, Richard Bruton reviews Manga Kamishibai – The Art of Japanese Paper Theatre, about an art form that may have been the direct predecessor of today’s manga. Andrew Cunningham takes a look at Bokke-San, Yoshiyuki Nishi’s followup to Muhyo and Roji, at The Eastern Standard. Sadie Mattox has short takes on her summer reading at Extremely Graphic, and Snow Wildsmith looks at some continuing yaoi series at Fujoshi Librarian.

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