What if you published a manhwa and nobody knew?

A patron of The Beguiling requests vol. 8 of Cynical Orange, and manager Christopher Butcher realizes he never knew it existed because Diamond Comics Distributors never listed it. He find the book but is forced to consider the possibly fatal weaknesses in the current comics distribution system. Interestingly, Chris’s fear is that he will lose a sale to a bookstore, while my fear would be that the sale would be lost altogether—if the book isn’t solicited and isn’t on the shelf, the customer may not even know it exists.

Kate Dacey brings us up to date on this week’s new manga at The Manga Critic.

David Welsh celebrates Labor Day by musing about professions that are underrepresented in manga.

Jason Thompson revealed over the weekend that he will continue his encyclopedic Manga: The Complete Guide online. So, what will he do with all those manga after he (or his helpers) is done with them? He’s giving them away, and Deb Aoki has all the details on how you can win a piece of manga history.

Helen McCarthy, author of the upcoming The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga, visits a museum exhibit on surgical robots in which Tezuka’s name came up several times.


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