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Lissa Pattillo spots a new title and some omnibuses (omnibi?) of existing series in the Del Rey listings on Amazon. And Andrew Cunningham spots the elusive third volume of Me and the Devil Blues (it’s not out in Japan yet), also on Amazon.

Moving to the possible to the probable, David Welsh takes a look at this week’s new comics. And at, Deb Aoki looks forward to 50 hot manga due out this fall.

Sadie Mattox lists her top 5 “melodrama” manga at Extremely Graphic.

Kate Dacey asks the readers: What kind of rating system would you prefer?

John Thomas is talkin’ Dororo in the latest Sci-Guys podcast.

News from Japan: It seems like things have been slow over there lately, but now they are starting to pick up. Canned Dogs reports that Takenashi Eri, creator of Kannagi, is ill and is taking a year off following surgery. Also, a Japanese company has established a manga award, possibly with an eye toward going into the business itself. Glass Mask is coming to a close, ANN reports, and four new series will launch in Monthly Dragon Age magazine.

Reviews: Chris Mautner bemoans the demise of Cromartie High School, which was published by the now-defunct ADV, at Robot 6. Also at Robot 6, I review the webcomic Skin Horse, which is not manga but is drawn by manga editor and maven Shaenon Garrity. Snow Wildsmith takes a look at three fantasy romance manhwa, vol. 1 of Sarasah, vol. 1 of Pig Bride, and vol. 1 of 13th Boy, at Good Comics for Kids. And at Manga Xanadu, Lori Henderson does a “drive-by” review of the series on Viz’s Shonen Sunday website.

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  1. Hopefully, the publication of the finale in Japan will be the trigger to getting GLASS MASK released in the U.S. What I’ve read so far is brilliant, and I can’t wait to see how the manga-ka resolves everything.

  2. I’m holding the french version of volume 4 of Me and the Devil Blues in my hands, vol.3 came out last year, so I suppose that even in Japan the third volume has been released for some time.

  3. sorry wasn’t aware they did release omnibus versions of it in the states.


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