Monday updates

Let’s have some fun! Kate Dacey counts down the 10 worst manga in her collection and explains exactly why each one of them is so bad. Readers are welcome to make their own suggestions; I heartily endorse Kate’s, myself, except that I have always put Innocent W in the number one slot.

Sad news from Japan this week: the body of Crayon Shin-chan creator Yoshito Usui, who was reported missing last week, has been found at the bottom of a cliff on Arafune mountain. Usui, who was a hiker, apparently fell to his death. Futubasha, his publisher, has announced that Crayon Shin-chan will continue to run in Manga Town magazine until the December issue.

Deb Aoki takes a look at this week’s new manga and also talks to the owner of a comics store about the difficulty of selling manga in the direct market.

Lori Henderson rounds up the week’s manga news and takes a look at Yen Plus magazine a year after its launch.

Erica Friedman has the latest yuri news at Okazu.

What is manga? Sheena McNeil of Sequential Tart tackles that thorny question.

The latest New York Times graphic books best-seller list is up, and Viz dominates, with eight of the ten slots.

David Welsh wants someone to license Hataraki Man, and I’ll second that request.

News from Japan: Shinshokan Publishing is launching a new magazine, Kaguya, which will focus on two manga genres that feature beautiful young men. Saiyuki Reload creator Kazuya Minekura has started a new series, Saiyuki Ibun, which will continue the Saiyuki story.

Reviews: Joy Kim likes Oishinbo but wishes someone would publish its Korean equivalent, Shikgaek, as well. Chris Mautner posts short reviews of a bunch of different manga at Robot 6, and the Manga Recon team does the same in their latest Manga Minis column. Other reviews of note:

Melinda Beasi on vol. 2 of 13th Boy (There it is, Plain as Daylight)
Carl Kimlinger on vol. 28 of Berserk (ANN)
Lissa Pattillo on vol. 1 of Black Bird (Kuriousity)
Carl Kimlinger on vols. 20 and 21 of Blade of the Immortal (ANN)
Lexie on vols. 1-5 of Bride of the Water God (Poisoned Rationality)
Michelle Smith on Color (Soliloquy in Blue)
Julie on vol. 2 of Gakuen Prince (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Erica Friedman on vol. 10 of Hayate x Blade (Okazu)
Sesho on vol. 15 of Hikaru no Go (Sesho’s Anime and Manga Reviews)
Connie on vol. 14 of Inubaka (Slightly Biased Manga)
Connie on vol. 1 of Mad Love Chase (Manga Recon)
Julie on Morbito: Guardian of the Spirit (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Connie on Oishinbo 5: Vegetables (Slightly Biased Manga)
Julie on vol. 2 of Orange Planet (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Ed Sizemore on vol. 5 of Pluto (Comics Worth Reading)
Melinda Beasi on vol. 1 of Tale of the Waning Moon (There it is, Plain as Daylight)
Lorena Nava Ruggero on vol. 1 of X-Men: Misfits (MangaCast)
Connie on vol. 4 of You’re So Cool (Slightly Biased Manga)

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