The Tyrant finds a home

DMP made a splash at Yaoi-Con with its new title announcements, including license rescues of The Tyrant Falls in Love (from DramaQueen) and Kizuna (from BeBeautiful), the latter in double-sized volumes. ANN has cover images of the new titles. Also, DMP will be putting Harlequin manga on its eManga website and is accepting submissions of original graphic novels and prose novels as well.

Asamisgirl links to her Yaoi-Con photos at The Yaoi Review.

Lori Henderson rounds up all the week’s manga news at Manga Xanadu. She also finds some handcrafting manga, although the crafting is generally incidental to the story. And Erica Friedman updates on the latest yuri news at Okazu.

The Comics Village gang selects the best new manga from the latest round of releases.

Melinda Beasi has started a new feature at Manga Bookshelf: Manhwa Monday, in which she rounds up recent reviews of Korean comics.

The Eastern Edge treats us to some Takehiko Inoue sketches.

Here is some evidence that The Man is hijacking manga and using it to sell stuff. As if we didn’t already know.

News from Japan: Japan Today reports that the real-life baseball player who inspired the character of Kagura in the baseball manga Abu-san is now contentedly running his own yakitori restaurant.

Reviews: As always, I have joined the Robot 6 team for our Sunday roundup of What Are You Reading?

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Jennifer Dunbar on vols. 1-3 of Minima (A word is a unit of language)
Michelle Smith on vol. 12 of Ouran High School Host Club (Soliloquy in Blue)
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  1. Thanks Brigid, loved the baseball player turned restaurant owner story!