Tezuka goes to the Smithsonian

ICv2 reports that comic and graphic novel sales were down in October, and they post the top 300 graphic novels in the direct market.

David Welsh looks at this week’s new releases and moves on to the letter E in his shoujo-sunjeong alphabet.

The Smithsonian is holding an Osamu Tezuka retrospective, and the website includes essays by Fred Schodt, Helen McCarthy, and other luminaries. (Via Helen McCarthy.)

Kris has some thoughts on manga-ka Yugi Yamada.

Danielle Leigh has an interesting challenge in her latest Manga Before Flowers column: Tell her what you like, and she’ll recommend a manga for you.

Deb Aoki has more details on DMP’s online original manga program.

New website alert: Manga Views is billed as “a hub for manga reviews and reviewers from around the world.” It features links to reviews all over the blogosphere as well as already active forums. Jump in and take a look! With Tangognat and Lissa Pattillo behind the scenes, it has to be good!

Manga University branches out with the Manga University Cooking Show, featuring how-to videos based on the recipes in The Manga Cookbook.

News from Japan: Hunter x Hunter is making a return, Canned Dogs reports.

Reviews: Noah Berlatsky opines on several manga and manhwa at The Hooded Utilitarian. Snow Wildsmith checks out two manga by Makoto Tateno at Good Comics for Kids.

Grant Goggans on The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga (The Hipster Dad’s Bookshelf)
Julie on vol. 1 of Comic (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Joe Iglesias on vol. 1 of Jormungand (The Eastern Standard)
Emily on King no Urashigoto (Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page)
Billy Aguiar on vol. 1 of Moyasimon (Prospero’s Manga)
Danielle Leigh on vol. 1 of Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture (Comics Should Be Good)
Diana Dang on The Official xxxHolic Guide (Stop, Drop, and Read)
Lissa Pattillo on vol. 6 of Pet Shop of Horrors Tokyo (Kuriousity)
Dan Polley on vols. 1-6 of Yotsuba&! (Comics Village)

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  1. Thanks for putting the word out about Manga Views!

  2. Kind words, Brigid – thank you very much! We hope to receive lots of feedback so we can keep improving the site :)

  3. I dont think it would work to submit non BL for several reasons.
    first the site mostly have BL readers cause thats what they mostly offer,
    you can read free webcomics in manga style and even then take a look at smackjeeves for example, most is BL.

    Tokyopop already have online manga and as for subscription, Wirepop is active but doesnt work same with girl matic.

  4. The only issues I have with most of the content hosted at Smackjeeves [and love it because it is mostly BL] is that the series’ are never consistantly maintained. You get a chapter or two before the ‘online mangaka’ [digishika?] either lose interest and drop the series, and fail to update.

    At least with eManga I know I’m getting completed works, unless they plan to host serials in progress?