Gift guides, senseless violence, and bad translations

Four out of five reviewers recommend Oishinbo

Four out of five reviewers recommend Oishinbo

The New York Times published their Graphic Novels Gift Guide last week, but it gets no link from me because it included no manga whatsoever. It’s as if the folks at the Times didn’t know what manga was (which we suspect is indeed the case, based on the annotations to their best-seller lists.)

This could not stand, so alert manga bloggers David Welsh and Erica Friedman started a movement. A hashtag movement. On Twitter. And by the end of the holiday weekend, manga gift guides were blossoming all over the internet. David and Erica both have comprehensive posts linking to all the gift guides, so I won’t duplicate their work here, but I do want to thank them for spearheading this project and giving us something to do besides digest Thursday’s dinner. And check out those gift guides; if nothing else, you will probably find plenty of ideas for your own wish list.

Matt Thorn has some sharp words for tin-eared translators at his blog.

tsubamegashi1.JPGGottsu-Iiyan shares some memorable Takehiko Inoue art at The Eastern Edge.

At Good Comics for Kids, Lori Henderson lists the latest kid-friendly comics and manga, and at Comics Village, the reviewers pick the best of last week’s new releases.

Lori also rounds up the week’s manga news at Manga Xanadu, and Erica Friedman does the same for the world of yuri at Okazu.

David Welsh thanks publishers in advance for the awesome manga he hopes they will be licensing in 2010.

American Shonen Jump will stop carrying Yu Yu Hakusho and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX as of the January issue, although new volumes of the latter will continue to appear in book form.

Sesho discusses what he doesn’t like about Osamu Tezuka’s manga.

What were the best kids’ manga of 2009? Kate Dacey is taking a poll at The Manga Critic.

nonfatal_dragonball_225Like Wile E. Coyote, manga characters seem to be able to absorb a lot of violence without any visible damage. In his latest comiXology column, Jason Thompson explains how that works, exactly.

The latest NY Times Graphic Books Best-Seller List is up, and Vampire Knight is still at the top.

At Extremely Graphic, Sadie Mattox puts together a witty Thanksgiving manga menu.

kurosagivol9Amazon has nominated the cover of vol. 9 of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service for a best cover of the year award.

Becky Cloonan reports back on her trip to Japan—yes, the same one that Deb Aoki, Queenie Chan, Svetlana Chmakova, Dee, and a heap of other folks went on—and she has pictures, too.

Yaoi Generation is offering a 30% discount on books ordered between now and December 1; click the link for details. (Hat tip: The Yaoi Review.)

Job board: Kuriousity is looking for a yaoi light novel reviewer. No pay, but you do get review copies.

71079_200911270634645001259287551cNews from Japan: ToLoveRu artist Yabuki Kentarou will start a manga series based on the light novel Mayoi Neko Overrun. The latest volume of One Piece had a record-breaking print run of 2.85 million, while creator Eiichiro Oda mused about the eventual ending of the series. Peach-Pit is bringing Shugo Chara to a close, while Afterschool Nightmare creator Setuna Mizushiro is launching a new series. The funeral of Yoshito Usui, the creator of Crayon Shin-Chan, was held today in Tokyo.

Reviews: AstroNerdBoy has a nice overview of the entire Tsubasa series and its connections to other CLAMP series at his anime and manga blog. And the Manga Recon team has a fresh set of Manga Minis to start off your post-holiday week.

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  1. Actually Brigid, no more new material is coming out for YuYu Hakusho- they published the last chapter, so anything coming out as GN’s after this will be reprints [and the final volumes of the series]. It was a pretty good finale, and one of the few series to have been serialized to completion in SJUSA.