Questions and year-end roundups

Gottsu-Iiyan has a question:

How many “manga” readers out there who are not happy that manga have been left off of so many of the year end & decade end “best of” comics lists, also think that manga and comics are different?

… and then he expands on it a bit.

Laura asks: What’s your favorite New Year’s scene in a shoujo manga? She has a few suggestions and invites readers to post their faves in comments.

David Welsh checks out this week’s new comics.

Best of the year: Johanna Draper Carlson picks her top five new manga and top five continuing series, as well as a few other notable manga of 2009, at Comics Worth Reading. The Manga Recon team posts their nominations for best manga of the year. Detroit Metal City tops Whitney Matheson’s list of the top ten graphic novels at Pop Candy. (Via Graphic Novel Reporter.) At Anime Vice, Gia lists manga and anime that let her down this year. At Japanator, Brad Rice lists Japan’s top-selling manga for 2009.

Viz has confirmed some new titles for next year, including the manga Kirby.

The St. Louis News posts a roundup of responses to last week’s article about Bishie-Con. (Via The Yaoi Review.)

Kristy Valenti visits an exhibit of Junko Mizuno’s paintings.

News from Japan: Japanator reports that a manga adaptation of Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex is coming soon to Comic Young.

Reviews: Danielle Leigh, Michelle Smith, and Melinda Beasi discuss vols. 7 and 8 of Nana at Comics Should Be Good. Other reviews of note:

Jack T on vol. 1 of Akira (MangaCast)
Connie on All My Darling Daughters (Slightly Biased Manga)
Dan Polley on vol. 2 of AmeFurashi: The Rain Goddess (Comics Village)
Lori Henderson on vol. 3 of Bakegyamon (Manga Xanadu)
Greg McElhatton on vol. 2 of Children of the Sea (Read About Comics)
Billy Aguiar on vol. 1 of Choco Mimi (Prospero’s Manga)
Emily on Danshi Kinshi!! (Emilys Random Shoujo Manga Page)
Johanna Draper Carlson on A Drifting Life (Comics Worth Reading)
Dave Ferraro on GoGo Monster (Comics-and-More)
Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane on vol. 12 of High School Debut (Manga Life)
Tiamat’s Disciple on vol. 2 of Ichiroh! (Tiamat’s Manga Reviews)
Deb Aoki on vol. 1 of Itazura Na Kiss (
AstroNerdBoy on vol. 2 of Love Hina (AstroNerdBoy’s Anime and Manga Blog)
Penny Kenny on Oishinbo A la Carte, Izakaya: Pub Food (Manga Life)
Joy Kim on vol. 1 of Time and Again (Manga Life)
Connie on vol. 2 of Totally Captivated (Slightly Biased Manga)
Tiamat’s Disciple on vol. 7 of Yotsuba&! (Tiamat’s Manga Reviews)

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