Romancing the phone

Canadian Business Online explains how Harlequin marketed their romances in Japan, first as print manga in partnership with Ohzora (the parent company of Aurora) and later directly as cell phone manga. (Via Simon Jones.)

I reported the other day that Delivery Cupid was available on Kindle; the book, published by Libre in Japan, was licensed here by the now-defunct Broccoli Books. Now it’s mysteriously not available, and Yamila Abraham suspects it was a pirated edition.

Lori Henderson marks April Fool’s Day by looking at manga that include pranks or fool the reader.

Ed Sizemore will be hosting the next Manga Moveable Feast at Comics Worth Reading, and the subject is Mushishi.

Reviews: Joy Kim catches us up on what she has been reading lately.

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  1. The Delivery Cupid on Kindle is back up, and according to the Animate USA website, they will be distributing Libre’s yaoi titles in English for Kindle; the first four titles are re-releases of previously published books but they’re promising more.