New MMF, Ai Yazawa out of hospital, Erica goes to Garo

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9780345499233Ed Sizemore is the host for this month’s Manga Moveable Feast, and the topic is Mushishi. He kicks things off with a quick overview of the series and a summary of what he hopes to see in the MMF posts. And people are diggiing in already: Kate Dacey has some initial thoughts at The Manga Critic, Melinda Beasi links to some of her reviews at Manga Bookshelf, David Welsh brings back a Flipped column on the series, and Lori Henderson jumps right in with her review of volume 1 at Manga Xanadu. Anyone can play, even if you don’t have a blog of your own, so go check it out.

Lori Henderson rounds up this week’s manga news at Manga Xanadu, and Erica Friedman brings your latest Yuri Network News update at Okazu.

Erica also visits the Garo exhibit, and she brings along manga creator Rica Takashima, who provides some context.

Simon Jones has some cogent commentary on online distribution, with reference to last week’s request by Shueisha that people stop posting their comics online.

Daniella Orihuela-Gruber takes a look at Jews in anime and manga. Yes, they are there, but there aren’t very many.

News from Japan: Nana creator Ai Yazawa is out of the hospital, after being treated for an unspecified but serious illness. Tomo Kimura has more, based on a short article in a women’s magazine. Naruto has become Shueisha’s fifth manga to top 100 million copies in print.


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