New blog alert! Gia Manry has been liberated from the black-and-neon confines of Anime Vice and has started a new blog of her own, Anime Briefs. Gia is a great writer, and one of the few people in the MangaBlogoSphere who will pick up a phone and call the source when news is breaking, so her blog should be on your RSS feed. She’s splitting it into news and features, and you can subscribe to one or the other or both, as your fancy strikes. Check out her picks of the week for starters!

And as long as we’re blogging about blogging, congratulations to Lissa Pattillo, who will be writing regular reviews for ANN, and Melinda Beasi, who will be writing regularly at Melinda kicks it off with a look at the May manga releases.

The NANA project (Melinda Beasi, Danielle Leigh, and Michelle Smith) takes on a special topic in their latest discussion: The four pages that were removed from volume 4, and the other edits to the series.

Ed Sizermore wraps up the Manga Moveable Feast at Comics Worth Reading. At Panel Patter, Rob McMonigal reviews vols. 2 and 3 of Mushishi.

David Welsh counts all the seinen manga beginning with the letter B at The Manga Curmudgeon. David also posts his take on this week’s new releases, and at Flashlight Worthy, he compiles a list of the best one-volume manga.

Josh Tolentino looks at this week’s new anime and manga at Japanator.

Jason Thompson’s Manga: The Complete Guide will be available for Kindle in November.

News from Japan: InuBaka: Crazy for Dogs is coming to an end. Young Ace magazine will launch four new series in the June 4 issue, including Sugar Dark: Umerareta Yami to Shōjo (Sugar Dark: The Buried Darkness and the Girl), based on the light novel by Enji Arai and adapted by Kendi Oiwa, who worked on the Welcome to the NHK and Goth adaptations.


Julie Opipari on vol. 4 of Animal Academy (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Rob McMonigal on vol. 4 of Bleach (Panel Patter)
Rob McMonigal on vols. 6 and 7 of Cantarella (Panel Patter)
Becky Fullan on vol. 1 of Clear Skies! (Manga Jouhou)
Sean Gaffney on vol. 2 of Gatcha Gacha (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
James Fleenor on .hack//Alcor (Anime Sentinel)
Gia Manry on vol. 1 of Portrait of M&N (Anime Briefs)
Lori Henderson on vol. 4 of Rin-ne (digital edition) (Manga Xanadu)
Rob McMonigal on vol. 2 of Re:Play (Panel Patter)
Rob McMonigal on vol. 3 of Rosario+Vampire (Panel Patter)
Emily on Usotsuki Lily (Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page)
Leroy Douresseaux on vol. 10 of We Were There (The Comic Book Bin)

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  1. I think Anime Vice committed suicide when they let Gia go. They had an incredible reporter and personality. Now that fans control the content, it’s just a forum with a bad color scheme. I stick with a winner and follow Gia to her new site.