Perverts and pirates

midoridaysJason Thompson discusses five perverted manga—and why they are so perverted—in his latest column at io9.

Kate Dacey shows us how it’s done—or rather, how it’s not done—with her list of the seven deadly sins of reviewing.

David Welsh discusses Luffy’s short attention span and the sometimes unexpected pacing of One Piece at The Manga Curmudgeon.

Lori Henderson wraps up the week’s manga news in one handy digest at Manga Xanadu. Erica Friedman does the same for yuri at Okazu.

Johanna Draper Carlson picks the most likely manga from the May Previews at Comics Worth Reading.

Kai-Ming Cha visits Hiroki Otsuka, whose duties as artist-in-residence at the Japan Society include drawing a manga in a glass-walled office.

Mike Belgrove talks to Jim Zubkavich, an editor at Udon and the writer of Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki, about his latest work.

Helen McCarthy looks at a manga creator who is almost unknown to English-speaking audiences: Juzo Yamasaki, who writes fishing and sports manga.

To celebrate Mothers Day, Jason Yadao looks at notable mothers in manga.

Sean Gaffney talks shipping—the fanfic type, not the moving-things-around type.

Daniella Orihuela-Gruber experiences one of the thrills of being an editor—seeing her name in print.

Attention artists: New York Anime Fest is months away, but the organizers are getting everyone in the mood by sponsoring a mascot design contest. The winner gets 10 free passes to NYAF, 50 volumes of Del Rey manga, and the glory of seeing their design splashed all over the Javits Center. Runners up do pretty well too, so check it out.

John Thomas and friends discuss three manga that have reached their tenth volume in the latest Sci-Guys podcast.

News from Japan: No news, actually, but this is sort of interesting: Zack Davisson summarizes a Shigeru Mizuki manga, I am a Yokai Professor, at Japan Reviewed. (Via Kate Dacey.)

BLACKBUTLER_2Reviews: Kate Dacey has short takes on three new manga from Yen Press at The Manga Critic. Laura has some very fast first impressions of new manga at Heart of Manga.

Michelle Smith on vols. 12-14 of Black Cat (Soliloquy in Blue)
Kelly on vol. 1 of Chobits (omnibus edition) (kelakagandy’s ramblings)
Sophie Stevens on vol. 1 of Chobits (omnibus edition) (Animanga Nation)
Lissa Pattillo on Cute Devil (Kuriousity)
Michelle Smith on vol. 3 of Fire Investigator Nanase (Soliloquy in Blue)
Delos on vol. 1 of Grey Perfect Collection (ArtPatient)
Leroy Douresseaux on vol. 2 of Kabuki (The Comic Book Bin)
Julie Opipari on vol. 21 of Kekkaishi (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Leroy Douresseaux on vol. 1 of Maoh: Juvenile Remix (The Comic Book Bin)
Lissa Pattillo on vol. 1 of Oh! My Brother (Kuriousity)
Anna on vol. 2 of Oh! My Brother (Tangognat)
Sean Gaffney on vol. 45 of One Piece (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
AstroNerdBoy on vol. 4 of Phantom Dream (AstroNerdBoy’s Anime and Manga Blog)
Bill Sherman on vol. 1 of Ratman (Blogcritics)
Julie Opipari on vol. 8 of Sand Chronicles (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Sean Gaffney on vol. 6 of Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
A Library Girl on vol. 1 of Sensual Phrase (A Library Girl’s Familiar Diversions)
Lori Henderson on the June issue of Shonen Jump (Manga Xanadu)
Deb Aoki on vol. 1 of Twin Spica (
Michelle Smith on vol. 1 of Twin Spica (Manga Recon)
Carl Kimlinger on vol. 9 of Vampire Knight (ANN)
Bill Sherman on vol. 2 of Venus Capriccio (Blogcritics)

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  1. Ingraman says:

    Neither Chobits review link points to a Chobits review at the moment.

  2. Thanks for noticing!

  3. Ingraman, that must have been some sort of subconscious slip because I don’t like Chobits! Thanks for pointing it out—it’s fixed now!

  4. Regarding Midori Days, I always thought the best alternate title for that quirky Manga would’ve been, “My Right-Hand Girl, Midori”.