Translation talk, Tamai, and To Terra

The past couple of weeks have been tough ones for the manga world, with the disappearance of Go! Comi, the summary execution of CMX, and the staff cuts from Viz. But Matt Blind looks at the history of manga sales in the U.S. and finds some reason for cheer, if only because we are way ahead of where we were ten years ago. Meanwhile, the comments in Julie Opipari’s farewell to CMX at Blog@Newsarama turn into a smackdown between CMX-haters and professional translator William Flanagan. It is either interesting or tiresome, depending on how much you have followed the scanlation debates.

The Manga Moveable Feast begins today, and this month’s subject is Keiko Takemiya’s To Terra. Kate Dacey gets us started with a history and summary, and Jason Yadao has a nice overview at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Lori Henderson boils down this week’s manga news to a handy digest form at Manga Xanadu.

Helen McCarthy has been having some fun researching manga creators who are relatively unknown in English-speaking countries; her latest find is Yukio Tamai, the creator of Omega Tribe and one of the creators protesting a recent attempt to ban depictions of characters that appear to be under 18 in “sexually provocative” situations.

Pod-castic: Tokyopop editor Cindy Suzuki talks about their new title, Neko Ramen, in the latest Anime Today podcast. And Lissa Pattillo guests on the latest ANNCast, discussing the demise of CMX and Go! Comi.

Jacob Martin reflects on the death of heavy metal rocker Ronnie James Dio, who, like Osamu Tezuka, died of stomach cancer, and then he takes a look at a documentary on Tezuka that was made near the end of his life.

Udon Entertainment will be publishing the manga Darkstalkers / Red Earth: Maleficarum, based on the video games Darkstalkers and Red Earth, in the fall.

Ready for a laugh? Erin Finnegan has some Initial D humor for you.

New website alert: is exactly what the name says—sort of a Bartlett’s Quotations for the otaku set. Check it out if you’re looking for that perfect epigraph—or maybe just inspiration.

Reviews: Christopher Mautner reviews a trio of recent graphic novels, including Black Blizzard, at Robot 6.

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  1. Laethiel says:

    With the death of CMX, I hope somebody else will pick up Hyakko. I was excited when I heard it was listed on Amazon, but now CMX is dead without even volume 1 published.