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Deb Aoki continues her comprehensive coverage of San Diego Comic-Con with reports on the Viz Kids announcements, Yen Press’s new titles, and Friday’s events, including Moto Hagio’s appearance. At Kuriousity, Lissa Pattillo sums it all up with a wrapup of SDCC 2010.

Also! The Comics Journal posted a video of the Manga for Grown-Ups panel.

Otakon took place last weekend, and I haven’t seen much manga-focused coverage, but Ed Sizemore has posted the audio from the anime journalism panel at Manga Out Loud.

Roundup of roundups: Lori Henderson posts her handy digest of the past week’s manga news at Manga Xanadu. Melinda Beasi rounds up the manhwa news, including the latest reviews and some more info on Korean webcomics, in the latest Manhwa Monday post at Manga Bookshelf. And Erica Friedman posts the latest edition of Yuri Network News at Okazu.

Roland Kelts talks to Stu Levy about Tokopop’s America’s Greatest Otaku tour, possibly coming to a city near you!

Chris Sims recommends some manga for beginners at Comics Alliance.

News from Japan: This sounds like a joke, but ANN is reporting it with a straight face: The creators of the Maritan manga, which apparently uses cute little girls to teach the reader how to swear like a Marine, have collaborated with the U.S. Armed Forces in Japan to create a manga about the 50-year Japan-U.S. alliance. Also, issue 35 of Weekly Shonen Jump will carry a story from Rakko 11-gō (Otter #11), the manga that the characters in Bakuman are working on.

Reviews: Carlo Santos delivers unvarnished opinions on a slew of new releases in his latest Right Turn Only!! column at ANN. EvilOmar posts a handful of short manga reviews at About Heroes. Johanna Draper Carlson posts short takes on a handful of new releases as well at Comics Worth Reading. Other reviews of note:

Dave Ferraro on vol. 1 of Bakuman (Comics-and-More)
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Tangognat on vols. 1-3 of Gatcha Gacha (Tangognat)
Sean Gaffney on vol. 19 of Gin Tama (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
Zack Davisson on vol. 2 of Hanako and the Terror of Allegory (Japan Reviewed)
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Kelakagandy on Songs to Make You Smile (kelakagandy’s ramblings)
Connie on vol. 4 of Sugarholic (Slightly Biased Manga)
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  1. The Maritan/US Armed Forces manga is no joke. The Maritan team was *thrilled* to get the order for that. I’m looking forward to it, too. They are loads of fun. :-)

  2. Thank you for the hearty endorsement, Erica! “Thrilled” is an understatement — it is beyond our wildest imaginations! (>_<) The latest and greatest Maritan book is simply outrageous as usual, and the US-Japan alliance manga is mild, but easy to understand. I recommend both series with two thumbs up! d(^_^)b

  3. What what? No love for Baltiport 2010, the first ever anime convention created in an airport to fill up a 4-hour delay that actually featured a manga licensing announcement? :O

    ( )