Getting serious about shoujo

Carlo Santos talked to Moto Hagio at SDCC, and one of the things he asked about was her favorite manga: She likes Ooku, Nodame Cantabile, and one that hasn’t been translated yet, Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess).

In his latest House of 1000 Manga column, Jason Thompson professes his love for Iron Wok Jan.

Caddy C. discusses the use of rape as a plot device in Skip Beat! and what it says about social attitudes toward rape, and she wonders if it’s a message 13-year-olds should be reading. She also wonders about the frequency of step-sibling incest as a theme in manga.

At Manga Bookshelf, Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith pull out a big stack of shoujo manga for their latest Off the Shelf dialogue.

The Comics Village crew sorts through last week’s new manga and pick their favorites.

Animemiz reports on the Anime Journalism panel at Otakon.

The Same Hat Tumblr is back, with all the freaky imagery you would expect from the people behind the original Same Hat blog.

For those who like numbers, Matt Blind has an exhaustive analysis of the performance of One Piece at Rocket Bomber.


Sean Gaffney on vol. 1 of Bakuman (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
Leroy Douresseaux on vol. 3 of Crown of Love (The Comic Book Bin)
Alex Gord on vol. 1 of Fake (Manga Jouhou)
AstroNerdBoy on vol. 11 of Gakuen Alice (AstroNerdBoy’s Anime and Manga Blog)
Clive Owen on vol. 10 of Hellsing (Animanga Nation)
Julie Opipari on vol. 13 of Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Erica Friedman on Knife-Edge Girl (Okazu)
Katherine Farmar on vol. 1 of Maiden Rose (Comics Village)
Julie Opipari on vol. 8 of Moon Boy (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Alexander Hoffman on vols. 1-4 of Nabari No Ou (Comics Village)
Johanna Draper Carlson on vol. 21 of Nana (Comics Worth Reading)
Lori Henderson on vols. 40-42 of One Piece (Comics Village)
Connie on vol. 1 of Pokemon Adventures (Slightly Biased Manga)
Julie Opipari on vol. 1 of Right Here, Right Now (
Connie C. on vol. 1 of The Tyrant Falls in Love (Comics Village)
Sean Gaffney on vol. 9 of V.B. Rose (A Case Suitable for Treatment)

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  1. Kuragehime has an anime adaptation in the works, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it got picked up. The anime is going to air in the noitaminA time slot, which has housed big names like Nodame Cantabile and Honey and Clover. Then again, not all of the manga which get animated for noitaminA get picked up, either (see also: Hatarakiman).

  2. *cries* Hataraki Man! Wherefore art thou, Hataraki Man?!

  3. I can’t believe all the different manga titles being released and reviewed. I can remember a time where the numbers of manga titles available in the USA could be counted on one hand.