More on Yen Plus, classic Shonen Jump, and Japanese newspaper strips

At Robot 6, I talked to Kurt Hassler about the online version of Yen Plus, including what’s going on with the Japanese series that have been AWOL so far.

Lori Henderson has the list of last week’s all-ages comics and manga at Good Comics for Kids.

Sean Gaffney looks forward to this week’s new manga.

License request time: Sean Gaffney would like to see some Shonen Jump series from the 1980s, please, while David Welsh wants to read more manga by Saika Kunieda, the creator of Future Lovers. David also picks the most promising manga from the latest issue of Previews and asks his readers to name their favorite same-sex couples in manga.

Helen McCarthy takes a look at some long-running newspaper strips in Japan.

Deb Aoki recaps the Best and Worst Manga panel from SDCC.

At A Feminist Otaku, Caddy C. wants to keep on liking Skip Beat!, but it’s starting to become a challenge.

News from Japan: Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto won a Seiun Award at the 49th Japan Science Fiction Convention. Fullmetal Alchemist may have ended in Japan, but the Sept. 11 issue of Shonen Gangan will include a side story by creator Hiromu Arakawa. And the K-On! manga is coming to an end with the October issue of Manga Time Kirara magazine.


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  1. Best and Worst manga? I think that’s more subjective than objective.

    On the topic of manga reprints, I would like to see the rest of Rumiko Takahashi’s inaugural work Urusei Yatsura fully translated over here. I know a few volumes were done before Viz media gave up on it.