Tyrant comes to an end; Go! Comi remembered

Lori Henderson has the list of the past week’s all-ages comics and manga at Good Comics for Kids, and the Manga Village crew looks at all the past week’s new manga.

Erica Friedman updates us on the world of yuri in the latest edition of Yuri Network News at Okazu.

At Anime Sentinel, James Fleenor surveys the post-Tokyopop mangascape and lists the series he hopes will be picked up by another publisher.

The recent news that someone has taken over Go! Comi’s website and is asking for donations to restart the company (don’t do it—it’s a scam!) has David Welsh asking his readers which Go! Comi series they would like to see continue, and he revisits an old Flipped column about some of his favorites. David’s latest license request is the train-travel manga Karechi.

News from Japan: Big news for yaoi fans: Hinako Takanaga has announced she is ending The Tyrant Falls in Love. Cross Game creator Mitsuru Adachi has just started a new baseball manga, Asaoka Kōkō Yakyū-Bu Nisshi – Over Fence (Asaoka High School Baseball Team Journal – Over Fence), and Club Sunday has a preview up in Japanese. Lelouche Lamperouge is a convenience store clerk in the latest Code Geass spinoff, which is a 4-koma manga. The Strike Witches doujinshi is now available in both Japanese and English. Gantz manga-ka Hiroya Oku drew a one-shot spinoff for the latest issue of Weekly Young Jump. And Monochrome Factor is coming to an end.

Reviews: Adam Stephanides analyzes Shintaro Kago’s Fraction at Completely Futile. Anna looks over some recent Harlequin manga at Manga Report.

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Todd Douglass on vol. 2 of Haruhi-Chan (Anime Maki)
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