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The big news of last week was that CLAMP announced they are going back to work on Legal Drug. I have a quick rundown of the details and the internet chatter at MTV Geek.

The Manga Village team looks at the best of the latest manga releases, and the Manga Bookshelf bloggers debate their Pick of the Week.

Manga Curmudgeon David Welsh peers even further into the future with a look at the manga in this month’s Previews. Princess Knight is on the way! He also points to two books he will definitely order: About Love, a yaoi manga about a wedding planner, and the Love Hina omnibus. And his license request for this week is Dragon Zakura, despite the ugly covers.

At Comic Attack, Kristin also scans Previews for some choice manga.

The folks at The Hooded Utilitarian are making a list of the best comics of all time, and they have reached out to a number of bloggers—they asked me, but the request came at a busy time and I wasn’t able to follow through. Matt Thorn and Melinda Beasi, who succeeded where I failed, both post their personal top tens.

Ed Sizemore’s Otakon coverage continues with podcasts featuring international attendees and Twitterless Ron, as well as a Sunday roundup.

News from Japan: Good news for CLAMP fans: After a long hiatus, the super-group is back at work on Legal Drug (Gōhō Drug) They will also re-publish the first three volumes with new covers. It remains unclear whether CLAMP is re-starting the series or picking up where they left off; the next chapter will appear in the December issue of Young Ace, so fans will have to wait for that. Tokyopop published the first three volumes in the U.S., so the license is up for grabs; Lissa Pattillo and Kate Dacey both speculate that Dark Horse will pick it up, but Yen Press publishes CLAMP manga as well. In other Japanese publishing news, Kadokawa Shoten will launch Newtype Ace in September; the new magazine will focus on manga tie-ins to popular anime. One of those tie-ins will be Un-Go, and monthly Newtype will also carry a series based on the anime of the same name, which will premiere in October. The September issue of Puff, which is a magazine about manga rather than a magazine of manga, has been cancelled. And Sean Gaffney takes a look at the otaku-friendly manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive.

Reviews: Ash Brown takes us through a week’s worth of manga at Experiments in Manga.

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