Inside the DMG, josei with odd names, and Evyione

The first Digital Manga Guild book is due out on Friday, and I got to talk to the Kimiko Kotani of the Neko Ramen team, who translated, edited, and lettered it.

David Welsh looked at this week’s new manga and saw only vol. 15 of Black Jack; I dug a little deeper into the new-manga bin and found a few more items at MTV Geek.

David also wraps up his Josei alphabet with some books whose titles don’t begin with a letter.

Kristin adds her personal top ten list to the Hooded Utilitarian’s conversation about the best comics ever made.

At Manga Bookshelf, guest writer Sara K. explains why you should read Evyione: Ocean Fantasy.

Khursten is giving away a copy of vol. 2 of Moyashimon to a reader who writes in about trying a new food because of manga. Worth a click just for the photo of the cute Moyashimon bento! And if you have a minute, and you have ever read a scanlation, help her out by taking her scanlation survey.

News from Japan: Wild Adapter is moving publishers, from Tokuma Shoten to Ichijinsa. Three Steps Over Japan takes a look at the manga magazine Shonen Champion.


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