JManga launches, and everyone has something to say

The JManga website launched this week with over 100 titles, some old friends (Crayon Shin-chan, Hitohira), some new manga that haven’t been published in English before. I took a quick first look at MTV Geek, and Johanna Draper Carlson, Kate Dacey and Anna give their first impressions at their sites. The site is rather dazzling, with a lot of manga listings, but not every listing leads to a digital copy; ANN helpfully posts a list of those that do.

I also took a look at some of the digital manga available via other channels at MTV Geek.

The Digital Manga Guild posted its first title this week, and I had some thoughts on that at Robot 6. At MTV Geek, I took a look at this week’s new manga releases.

I took a look at this week’s new manga at MTV Geek, and Lissa Pattillo shares her opinions in her On the Shelf column at Otaku USA. Meanwhile, Sean Gaffney gets impatient and looks at next week’s new releases—er, release.

The Manga Moveable Feast continues this month’s celebration of Fumi Yoshinaga; check out all the links at host blog Comic Attack.

It’s that time again… As the candidates assemble for the 2012 election, Jason Thompson takes a look at the classic Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President in his latest House of 1000 Manga column at ANN.

Rob McMonigal continues his yearlong appreciation of Rumiko Takahashi with a look at vols. 22-24 of Ranma 1/2.

At Manga Bookshelf, guest poster Sara K continues her discussion of Why You Should Read Evyione.

GMA News looks at a manga exhibit in Manila.

News from Japan: A new magical girl manga magazine is in the works from Yosensha. The first chapter of Otometal, about heavy metal fans in a high school guitar club, is available online for free. Manga adaptations are in the works for the games Tales of Xillia and Dragon Collection and the anime Rinne no Lagrange. Maya Shinju is working on a one-shot Sensual Phrase manga. And ANN has the latest Japanese comics rankings.

Reviews: Carlo Santos checks out the best—and the worst—of the new releases in his latest Right Turn Only!! column at ANN. Dave Ferraro and Patrick Markfort team up for a podcast review of vol. 1 of Wandering Son at Comics-and-More.

Lori Henderson on vols. 9-11 of Black Jack (Manga Village)
Leroy Douresseaux on Finder, Vol. 2: Cage in the View Finder (The Comic Book Bin)
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Sean Gaffney on vols. 13 and 14 of Higurashi: When They Cry (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
Johanna Draper Carlson on The Manga Guide to the Universe (Comics Worth Reading)
Sean Gaffney on vol. 8 of Natsume’s Book of Friends (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
Ash Brown on vol. 3 of Ooku: The Inner Chambers (Experiments in Manga)
Anna on vol. 6 of Ooku: The Inner Chambers (Manga Report)
Rebecca Silverman on vol. 6 of Ooku: The Inner Chambers (ANN)
Shannon Fay on La Quinta Camera (Kuriousity)
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Kate Dacey on Velveteen & Mandala (The Manga Critic)
Serdar Yegulalp on Velveteen & Mandala (Genji Press)

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