Manhwa festival in Korea, new BL comics from Digital

I rounded up the highlights of the past week’s manga news at MTV Geek, and Erica Friedman updates us with another edition of Yuri Network News at Okazu.

The Manga Village team checks out the latest batch of new releases.

Lissa Pattillo notes three new additions to Digital’s BL lineup.

ICv2 reports in on the Bicof manhwa festival in Bucheon, South Korea, home of the Korea Manhwa Museum and the Bucheon Media and Culture Complex.

At Slightly Biased Manga, Connie launches a series on From Eroica With Love and its spinoffs, all by Yasuko Aoike.

Dan Morrill looks at an early manga from Tokyopop, The Skull Man, which is so old it was released in comic-book format, not as a graphic novel.

News from Japan: Here’s some big news: Hetalia is moving from its online home to Gentosha’s print magazine Comic Birz; There’s some rearranging of the furniture in the magazine sector, as the magazine Chorus relaunches as Cocohana (branded as a “shōjo magazine for adults”), Gentosha announced plans for a new magazine, Comic Spica, and the magazine Puff, which covered the manga industry, suspended publication. In other news, Re:Birth —The Lunatic Taker— and the yuri manga Sasamekikoto, both of which run in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive, will end in the next issue. Meanwhile, Three Steps Over Japan takes a look at Monthly Ikki.

Reviews: Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith critique three yaoi manga from Digital in their latest BL Bookrack column. Johanna Draper Carlson posts some “Shojo Chibis,” short reviews of shoujo manga, at Comics Worth Reading.

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