Vertical announces new license

The Vertical folks announced a new license at their Anime Weekend Atlanta panel this past Friday: Flowers of Evil, a story of romance, blackmail, and Baudelaire set in a high school. It currently runs in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, and if you want to get a jump on it, Kodansha has published the first chapter for free (in Japanese).

At MTV Geek, I devoted my weekly news roundup to the online chatter about Sailor Moon, I did an in-depth review of GEN, the online manga magazine, and I posted a preview of I Love Kawaii, an artbook that features super-cute art by 32 artists from all over the world.

Erica Friedman posts the latest Yuri News Network roundup at Okazu.

The Manga Village team looks over the latest manga releases and picks their favorites. At Good Comics for Kids, Lori Henderson checks out the past week’s all ages comics and manga.

Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith discuss pretty, pretty shoujo manga art in their latest Let’s Get Visual column at Soliloquy in Blue.

David Welsh asks his readers: What manga just didn’t do it for you? Some of the answers may surprise you… And David’s latest license request is the josei series Papa Told Me, yet another entry in the single-dad-raising-a-daughter genre.

Lissa Pattillo shows off her latest purchases in her Swag Bag feature at Kuriousity.

Congratulations to Kate Dacey, The Manga Critic, who celebrated her fifth anniversary as a manga reviewer recently; she’s marking the occasion by redesigning her blog.

Reviews: Omar posts a handful of brief manga reviews at About Heroes.

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