Tuesday roundup

Weekly Shonen Jump has posted the first chapter of Kurogane, by newcomer Haruto Ikezawa, online, for free, in English, on their English-language site. Unfortunately, you have to download their special manga reader, which is Windows-only, so this Mac user won’t be reading it. (Via ANN.)

Speaking of horrible DRM (i.e. proprietary manga readers that you need admin privileges to install), check out this comment at Manga Bookshelf from someone who figured out that Square Enix’s online manga site, with its many layers of DRM and user inconvenience, actually does a worse job of protecting their manga from piracy than the much more user-friendly Viz Manga and JComi sites. But Square Enix got the last laugh when their Click-and-Buy system caused his bank to freeze his debit card.

The Manga Bookshelf bloggers discuss their pick of this Viz-heavy week, and at his blog, David Welsh looks over the week’s new releases.

Thalia Sutton explains the significance of Sailor Moon at Suvudu.

Charles Solomon discusses why Takehiko Inoue is so awesome at the LA Times. (Via The Beat.)

Lori Henderson issues the call for entries in the October Manga Moveable Feast, which will focus on horror manga.

News from Japan: Three Steps Over Japan takes a look at the seinen magazine Monthly Afternoon, whose lineup has included Blame, Gunsmith Cats, Genshiken, and the much-coveted Vinland Saga. Translator Tomo Kimura went to Julietta Suzuki’s autograph session in Ogikubo, and she took pictures of some of the art on display.

Reviews: Ash Brown looks back on another week of manga reading at Experiments in Manga. The Manga Bookshelf bloggers get straight to the point with this week’s Bookshelf Briefs. Matthew J. Brady reviews three new manga from Kodansha at Warren Peace Sings the Blues.

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