Off to the Emerald Isle

Hey folks: Just a few quick links for today, because as you may have read on Twitter, I am in Ireland at the moment for a family wedding and have limited internet. Kate Dacey will be taking over for the next few days, so please make her feel welcome! I’ll be back at the end of next week. In the meantime…

I looked over this week’s new manga releases at MTV Geek, and I also took a look at the free digital issue of Shonen Jump Alpha that Viz has put up as a teaser for the new magazine, which debuts on Jan. 30.

At ANN, Jason Thompson takes a look at one of my favorite older series, ES: Eternal Sabbath, in his latest House of 1000 Manga column.

David Brothers spends a bit of time exploring a gag he really enjoys from One Piece at 4thletter!


Rebecca Silverman on vol. 12 of Black Bird (ANN)
Matthew Warner on vol. 1 of Dawn of the Arcana (The Fandom Post)
Erica Friedman on vol. 2 of Himawari-san (Okazu)
John Rose on vol. 54 of Naruto (The Fandom Post)
Anna on vol. 26 of Skip Beat! (Manga Report)
Rob McMonigal on vol. 1 of Wandering Son (Panel Patter)

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