I’ll do my best!

“I’ll do my best!” — it’s the rallying cry of shonen manga characters, and my mantra for the next six days, as I fill in for Brigid while she takes a much-deserved vacation. If you spot any link-worthy news stories or reviews, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

The latest issue of GEN features a new story, Let’s Eat Ramen. From the description, Ramen sounds a bit like the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, with a cute Japanese girl standing in for George Costanza.

Deb Aoki revises her list of ten essential shojo manga.

In the latest edition of Show Us Your Stuff, French comics enthusiast Gemini shares pictures of his extensive manga collection. His advice to frustrated otaku? “You should learn French,” he explains. “It’s easier than Japanese and we have a lot of different manga!”

Over at Manga Widget, Alex Hoffman has a license request: Kita Konno’s Tzusuki wa Mata Ashita (To Be Continued Tomorrow), a josei title about a family coping with loss.

Daniela Orihuela-Gruber just launched a new Tumblr blog, Ladies in Comic Book Stores. Her goal: to increase the visibility of female comic fans, and remind publishers that women are comics consumers, too.

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