Eisner nominations and new releases

The big news of the week is that the Eisner nominations are out. I won’t have too much to say about this because I was one of the judges who helped choose them this year, except to say that it was an honor to serve and that the manga category was exceptionally strong this year. Of course, the real reason such awards exist is for people to argue about what is and isn’t on the list, and which book should be the winner, and Kate Dacey is offering a manga-focused open thread for just that at The Manga Critic. At About.com, Deb Aoki notes that this year marks the third nomination for 20th Century Boys and the sixth year that Naoki Urasawa has been nominated.

Lissa Pattillo makes her recommendations from this week’s new manga releases in her On the Shelf column at Otaku USA. Sean Gaffney looks at next week’s new manga but he has to work hard to see anything beyond vol. 23 of Excel Saga.

Yen Press is having a Black Butler giveaway; “like” their Facebook page and you could win a copy of the Black Butler anime or manga.

News from Japan: A magazine is born: Akita Shoten’s Shonen Champion magazine announced the launch of Bessatsu Shonen Champion on June 12.


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