MoCCA Delight

Why is Ed Chavez smiling? Probably because Vertical books were selling like gangbusters at this past weekend’s MoCCA Fest. Ed is the marketing director at Vertical, Inc., home of Chi’s Sweet Home, Twin Spica, and all those Tezuka manga, and he looked like he was having a big day. He wasn’t the only manga peddler there; Stephen Robson of Fanfare/Ponent Mon, the company that publishes those beautiful Jiro Taniguchi manga, hopped over as well, and Drawn & Quarterly had a nice selection of paperback Yoshihiro Tatsumi books as well as their newest Shigeru Mizuki title, NonNonBa.

TCAF is coming up this weekend, and Deb Aoki has rounds up everything you won’t want to miss.

The new books just keep on coming: Digital Manga announced that it has licensed three new BL manga, Kairi Shimotsuki’s A Century of Temptation (Izanai Hyakunen no Koi), Ayan Sakuragi’s Deflowering the Boss (Uchi no Shachō wa Cherry Desu), and Naomi Guren’s The Incredible Kintaro (Masaka no Kintarō), for print release. Lissa Pattillo spots Amazon listings for 21st Century Boys, Naoki Urasawa’s sequel to 20th Century Boys, as well as for a boxed set of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

The Manga Bookshelf team debates their Pick of the Week.

Kate Dacey wraps up this month’s Manga Moveable Feast with a final wrap-up of posts about the Viz Signature imprint.

Erica Freidman has all the yuri news from Japan and North America in her latest Yuri Network News roundup.

Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith change their column to GL Bookrack and check out some yuri titles at Manga Bookshelf.

Khursten puts the spotlight on CLAMP and their work at Otaku Champloo.

Tony Yao asks: What are your favorite epic plot twists in manga?

Blogging about Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month, Lori Henderson rounds up some manga where cats meet unfortunate ends.

Job Board: Looking for a job in manga? Viz has some openings.

News from Japan: Three Steps Over Japan takes a look at a newish cousin of Shonen Jump, Jump X. Seiki Tsuchida, the creator of Under the Same Moon, has died at the age of 43. The outspoken manga-ka Shuho Sato has abruptly ended his contract with Kodansha for Say Hello to Black Jack and is insisting the publisher destroy any unsold copies of the manga; his new series, New Say Hello to Black Jack, is being published by Shogakukan.

Reviews: Ash Brown sums up a week’s worth of manga reading at Experiments in Manga.

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