New releases and a look at the American manga scene

Last week saw some interesting new manga releases, with vol. 5 of Sailor Moon and two intriguing new manga, Shigeru Mizuki’s NonNonBa and the first volume of Flowers of Evil. I took a look at the list at MTV Geek, and Lissa Pattillo does likewise in her latest On the Shelf column at Otaku USA.

Deb Aoki talks to Shonen Jump editor-in-chief Andy Nakatani about the reboot of Rurouni Kenshin, which will appear in Shonen Jump Alpha.

Deb is also kicking off a series of posts about the homegrown manga scene in North America and why it is so hard for creators to make a living. She starts off with an overview of the problem.

The Digital Manga blog has a brief interview with manga-ka Rizu Natsumizu, creator of Good Morning.

Jason Thompson discusses Dragon Head in his latest House of 1000 Manga column at ANN.

At Manga Therapy, Tony Yao puts Dragonball Z‘s Son Gohan on the couch.

Adam Stephanides has just noticed something interesting about Kinecomica.

News from Japan: The winners of the 36th Kodansha Manga Awards have been announced; the only one that is licensed in the U.S. is Ema Toyama’s Watashi ni xx Shinasai! (Missions of Love), which will be published by Kodansha later this year. Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish) and Omo ni Naitemasu will go on hold while manga-ka Akiko Higashimura recovers from a finger injury. The good news is that she is on the mend and will be back to work soon.


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